11+1 books for the first summer baths – What to read on weekends in June

The most relaxed moments of the year, by the sea and under the sun, need books with exciting stories from strong storytellers as company. Sun, sea, book: This is the trilogy of happiness that we hope to enjoy in June. iefimerida highlighted from the recent and rich editorial production twelve books by authors who know… Read More »

CNN: Inside Ukraine’s secret drone program

Under the hot summer sun in an unknown place in Ukraine, an almost invisible drone approaches from afar. The drone in question is not only difficult to detect, but also almost impossible to hear. The drone’s manufacturer, Valeriy Borovyk, overemphasizes the “hidden” power of the weapon. “We call him Vidsyich (Ukrainian for ‘repulsion’)”, he tells… Read More »

It is true that… – naxostimes.gr

It is true that… – Will the Lianomaurogiannis blame the crowned president of the Municipal Community of Naxos for everything bad that was and is, and there are many, in Chora? – Is Houzouris the culprit of the chaos and disharmony of the Horaitic urban organization? – and for the pillars, is Houzouris to blame?… Read More »

What happens to our body when we eat bananas every day

The humble banana is a staple in kitchens around the world. HE banana it is a “fruit richness” in vitamins and nutrients. It gives us immediate energy since it has a high content of carbs (1 regular banana yields around 27 grams of carbohydrates) which are essential for controlling blood sugar and avoiding cravings for… Read More »

Topic Bank – Schertsos Answer: Some again found an opportunity to attack the “state of evil staff”

ND press representative Akis Skertsos responded to SYRIZA’s criticism after call of the National Network of Technological and Research Infrastructures for the attacks on the Subject Bank. “Some have again found an opportunity to attack the country and the evil “Personnel State” instead of confronting those who organized a large-scale cyberattack against the Issuing Bank.… Read More »

The new Erdogan government – Hakan Fidan is the new Foreign Minister, Mehmet Simsek, the new Finance Minister, the “chosen one” of the markets

LAST UPDATE 23:45 Nominated Mehmet Simsek Turkish Finance Minister Tayyip Erdogan, confirming the leaks of the previous days and turning towards more “orthodox” economic policies to boost the markets’ faltering confidence in the Turkish economy. Mehmet Simsek, Turkey’s former interior minister, left Erdogan’s cabinet in 2018 as the country switched to a presidential system with… Read More »

Europe: The five threats to competitiveness [γράφημα]

Business flight risk to the US Europe is facing a significant decline in competitiveness and the flight of companies to the US. Five important factors, the challenges in the supply of energy especially after the war in Ukraine, the very high prices, the geopolitical risks, the lack of specialized professionals and the great incentives given… Read More »