30,000 solar panels in Aipos?

By | May 17, 2023

In revealing that planning for the installation of 30,000 solar panels in Aipos is imminent, through the EU’s “fit for 55″ programme, Chios Municipality Popular Mobilization is moving forward through its announcement, saying it is expected that these be installed in the wider area of ​​”18”.

What does the ad say?

Once again, Mount Aipos is the target of the development-hungry designs of capitalist sloppiness.

30,000 solar panels are planned to be deployed in various areas around 18 and elsewhere to produce so-called green energy. Energy, which we pay in gold with very expensive electricity, the corresponding bag and changes in the environment, sometimes with huge wind turbines, sometimes with solar mirrors that destroy land use and the landscape, even invading Nature areas.

The historical Aipos, which in every corner has to tell you a story of the liberation struggle against the Ottomans, the struggle of our ancestors to split the stone and cultivate the minimum of wheat, of Drimakos and its archaeological settlements, of the Aipus of the “Hellenic Army”, the countless hiking trails and the peculiar geological formations of people or nature, all kinds of capitalists with their political staff have set out to bring it to its knees and subjugate it.

Municipal and regional rulers keep a guilty silence, after all, they have always been part of the problem, whether the local government leadership was blue or green, and regardless of a blue-green or pink government.

One wants to circumvent Aipos with new road signs, tearing down what remains standing, because they want speed, the other 300 2 MW wind turbines through Ibertrola, the other wants to fill it with dams, just to build hell for the souls of refugees and immigrants who will be stranded on our island and now is the time for solar panels to invade.

The ink has not yet dried on the ND, SYRIZA, PASOK in the European Parliament, who voted for the EU’s “Fit for 55” legislative package under the pretext of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 55% to 2030, and they are in a rush to implement it, charging ordinary households with new “green” taxes and rewarding monopoly groups with billions of euros as part of the “green new deal” anti-people strategy, part of which we will see implemented in Aipos as good, if we let them, if we do not go to defend our country.

Let’s not have schools and teachers! Although the hospital groans for the lack of doctors and nursing staff. Even if there is no seismic design. And let the island burn from end to end every time. Even if we pay very expensive plane and ferry tickets.

No! These are not eligible for development! They do not produce the quick profit desired by business groups.

That is why Aipos is once again a target.

As a Popular Concentration, we ask directly:

Do you dream of this destination for our island? Of the investment El dorado ?

Will these be its comparative advantages to be visited and with quality tourism? Will this be the island’s economy, replacing productive agricultural or livestock land with solar panels and wind turbines? Will this be our cultural model? Instead of building our monuments Anavato, Mundon, Chios Castle, Volissos, Apolichnon, etc., should hundreds of millions be given to change the appearance of the island?

The parties of the capitalist ruling class and their governments have responded that from one extreme to the other, this is how they imagine our country, our islands and our island. A wild vine of its supposed green growth, which our pocketbook knows all too well with the renewable energy tax and trade and pollution fines and whatnot.

As the People’s Group, we make it clear that this development does not concern us! It is about the profits of business groups and not about the needs of common families for public and cheap energy for all, with the simultaneous protection of the environment and the ecosystem, in moderation of its nature and potential, with the use of renewable sources for the benefit of all people, but also of nature.

That is why they will find us in front of them, that is why the mass organizations must position themselves and act.

That is why this situation is one more voting criterion for the next elections. Why should we live on this island with the whispers of its land and its mountains, just as it was passed down to us by our predecessors? Because Aipos once again needs us.

Alone and all of us.

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