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By | April 29, 2023

In the year 2023 and with eight full years in the manufacture of smart watches, it was unlikely to expect any big surprises from HUAWEI, since from the first moment the company made its mark and set the bar very high for all manufacturers with its tremendous quality. . and its innovative proposals. What is surprising, however, is that it does not stop looking for new ways to arouse the interest of consumers, keeping intact its philosophy for this category.

The HUAWEI Watch Ultimate could not be an exception to the established high quality that HUAWEI offers, however, we can only take our hats off because it masterfully manages to combine luxurious looks with functionality without any discount on all these features that they established. their smart watches at the top of public preferences:

  • Seamless connectivity with Android and iOS devices
  • Lots of exercise programs.
  • Lots of functional monitoring of the user’s physical activity and well-being.
  • Unmatched autonomy

If the first impression is the one that stays, then only when you have in your hands the box in which it comes HUAWEI watch latest You immediately realize that this is not just another smart watch. It could very well make a first-class gift for those who prefer jewelry, and with good reason. As soon as you open the case, you see the device in the center shine thanks to its incredibly luxurious construction that combines zirconium (for the first time in a smartwatch) and sapphire crystal for the display, titanium bracelet and ceramic materials for the edge of the display. . and the back

The large dial can be “intimidating”, but once you put it on your wrist, you immediately get used to the size and never look back. Overall, the build exudes durability and the design is pure luxury to wear. HUAWEI watch latest even at the most formal events as a classic status symbol. Even the default watch face is ideally suited to look like an expensive chronograph and the quality of the display will fool many who see it into thinking it is a conventional watch.

Three buttons are placed on the large dial. The upper right rotates to facilitate navigation through the menus, the lower right can be used as a shortcut button to directly access the sports modes and at the same time incorporates the electrode to perform various measurements (electrocardiogram, arterial elasticity), while the upper left activates Expedition Mode. Tapping the latter tells the HUAWEI Watch Ultimate to record your original location so that you can return to it by the same route.

Luxury is good, but that doesn’t mean the HUAWEI watch latest Intended for social use and casual training only. The company wholeheartedly recommends it to all professional athletes, and especially those involved in scuba diving and water sports will be amazed by its capabilities. The HUAWEI Watch Ultimate can be worn without fear at a depth of up to 100 m (!) and can withstand a pressure of up to 10 ATM.

To go to the partition leaving aside the materials that protect it, the company has placed 1.5” LTPO AMOLED Panel 466 x 466 resolution that offers the user unmatched clarity in daylight, supporting a maximum brightness of 1000 nits! Vibrant colors, perfect tactile feedback, and I was even surprised that it correctly recognized input when I dragged it with my index fingers. It goes without saying that there is an option to keep it always open (Always On Display) and despite the warning that more battery will be spent, in reality the “damage” is not that important.

In terms of functionality, everything is as we know it from previous HUAWEI smartwatches. Ultimate runs the operating system Harmony OS 3 and to start using it you have to install the application HUAWEI Health on your Android smartphone or iPhone. Please note that after pairing and syncing with your account, you can transfer HUAWEI Watch Ultimate from one device to another very easily and quickly without losing your data.

The app is offered via HUAWEI AppGallery and App Store respectively, it has been revamped with a new user interface, but overall it offers more or less the same features. From there you monitor various analytical data on your physical condition, activate (for the first time) the electrocardiogram and arterial elasticity measurement functions, as well as software updates, which unfortunately take a long time again.

Management and navigation in the operating system is again done by gestures or by using the rotating crown. Please note that HUAWEI Watch Ultimate does not support exporting your data to the Google Fit app (on Android devices), but you can choose other apps like Strava. For iPhone users, it syncs normally with Apple Health. In addition, it offers the possibility of answering messages with predefined options, the possibility of answering and making calls (it also has a very loud speaker).

To pass on your sporting DNA HUAWEI watch latest, to mention that I did not replace the metal bracelet, but it is probably preferable to use the plastic one included in the package. The measurements were made at the same time with an Apple Watch Series 7 and the deviations that I noticed were not large, without of course reaching an easy conclusion as to which is the most correct. However, unlike other smartwatches from both HUAWEI and other manufacturers, the Ultimate behaved well despite heavy sweating and strong fluctuations in pulse rate and exercise intensity.

Regarding the measurement of the electrocardiogram and arterial elasticity, HUAWEI clarifies that under no circumstances should we take into account the values ​​we obtain, but it is clearly very useful to have an overview of our situation. What matters most is the incredibly reliable heart rate count both in intense conditions and at rest.

Closing this review, we will of course focus on its autonomy. HUAWEI watch latest. You’d expect the… Ultimate character to “kill” the drums, but you’d be wrong. In normal use with GPS tracking enabled only during training and AoD (Always On Display) disabled, you can use the last watch for at least 7 days in a row without worrying about charging. The most active will hardly go below 4 days, while the most relaxed can reach 14 days of use! When it’s time to charge, it takes less than 50 minutes to fully charge. truly unbeatable!

In short, if you are willing to financially move into the premium category (€799+), then the HUAWEI watch latest it has no rival. The money is enough, however, you have to put into the equation that it is not just a smartwatch, but a a gem with smartwatch functions!

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