Airport “El. Venizelos”: From June 7 the bars in departures and arrivals

By | May 9, 2023

It will be operational from June 7 the automatic tilting bar system in the sections of the access road of departures and arrivals from Spata airport.

According to an announcement by “El. Venizelos”, the project in question has reached its completion, it was designed with a view to the safe, orderly, environmentally and socially responsible use of the road sections intended exclusively for short-term vehicle stops with the purpose of in order to disembark/embark passengers, in Arrivals and Departures.

In detail, the announcement of “El. Venizelos”.

The way vehicles access the Departures and Arrivals areas (passenger embarkation and disembarkation points respectively) is changing so that everyone can receive and dismiss travelers comfortably and safely.

Specifically, in the road accesses in front of the Main Airport Building -in Departures and Arrivals- controlled access points with tilting bars have been installed, through which all vehicles will pass for the disembarkation and boarding of passengers.

Why did this need arise?

Already in 2019, the unpleasant phenomenon of overcrowding in front of the Main Airport Building was generated due to non-compliance with the rules by cars that remained for a long time in the areas exclusively dedicated to the disembarkation / boarding of passengers. Controlled access points were installed to avoid congestion and illegal parking which created a very unpleasant experience in the specific areas. Taking into account all the user comments about the negative image, the Departures and Arrivals areas have been configured to allow everyone a free 10 minute stay to see off or receive their travelers comfortably and safely, as in most from European and international airports.

What changes in the process? Will there be a charge?

Drivers will have a 10-minute stay and up to 2 passes per day at passenger pick-up and drop-off points, Arrivals and Departures respectively, to pick up and drop off passengers. According to studies, this time is considered sufficient and is equivalent to the time available at many European airports.

After 10 minutes, for the additional stay of the vehicles, there will be a charge. The procedure is simple and applies to both the Departures landing area and the Arrivals boarding area:

  1. You stop in front of the bar.
  2. The camera reads the car’s front license plate while you press the ticket button and pick up the ticket.
  3. The bar opens and you enter the controlled access area.
  4. You park in specially designated short-term parking spaces, on the right or left side of the road and have a FREE 10′ stop to say goodbye or welcome your traveler.
  5. Then you head to the exit and stop at the bars.
  6. Scan your ticket in the machine and while your stay is up to 10′, the bar will open and you can leave for free.

In case of remaining in the controlled access area for more than 10′ there will be a corresponding charge:
10 additional minutes: €5 (After the first 10 minutes and up to 20 minutes, charge of €5),

From 20′: 1 euro/minute.

Payment is made at the machine with cash or card.

The maximum time spent in the area cannot exceed 60 minutes.

For vehicles that are going to stay more than 1 hour, it is planned to remove them from the area with a tow truck, we note that in specific areas the KOK and in accordance with the law, in case the driver does not pay for the overstay, will receive a notice of payment of the amount by the Civil Aeronautics Authority (CAA).

Where is this process headed?

The goal of the new process is not to charge and burden users; instead, the simple process aims to quickly adapt drivers to a more functional and fair use of spaces for all.

Correct road behavior and safety are the main components of the logic of the interventions and, in this context, the amounts that may come from non-compliance by drivers and excessive time, will be allocated by the AIA for planning, support and implementation of the programs. of the Road Safety Institute “Panos Mylonas”.

Examining and evaluating international experience, dealing with traffic problems with similar systems is a widespread and successful practice at most major European airports, which achieved very high driver compliance rates in a short period of time, resulting in in the decongestion of vehicle transit areas.

Special provisions will apply to travelers with reduced mobility and greater needs.

At the same time, the provision of free parking time in Short Term Parking Lots 1 and 2 for 20 minutes will continue to apply to everyone.

During the period of familiarization and adaptation to this new practice and experience that we are sure will improve the experience of drivers and travelers, the airport will be available to the public as always, both with guidance at service points and through all communication channels. AIA communication, which provide all relevant useful information.

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