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By | May 18, 2023

Pensions: The allowance for personal differences becomes permanent from 2024 for pensioners who will not see increases in pensions, and in fact, in addition to their fixed payment, the government, if re-elected, will also consider increasing it, probably to 250 euros, 300 euros and 350 euros, instead of the 200, 250 and 300 euros that pensioners received this year.

The permanence of the subsidy is a commitment by the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, with the pensioners who continue and will continue to have a personal difference and for this reason it will take time to see real increases in their pocket. If the government wins the elections, then, according to the plan to be implemented, the personal difference allowance will be paid in December 2023. Pensioners with no personal difference or a small difference will get the 2024 increases, while pensioners who do not exceed the personal difference with 2024 increases will be paid the new personal difference allowance.

According to what the prime minister said, support for retirees will continue, and especially for those with a low pension who, due to a personal difference, will not see increases.

The new bonus, if delivered with the same criteria as the one paid this year in March, will be received by those who have a pre-tax pension (including the personal difference) of up to 1,600 euros. In this case, the amount will not vary and the bonus will be 200, 250 and 300 euros.

However, if the pensioners who receive 21,100 or 1,300 euros are reinforced, then as the beneficiaries of the subsidy will be fewer, the amount can be increased and adjusted according to the amount of the pension and the personal difference to 250 euros, 300 euros and 350 euros . .

Another version is to give pensioners who earn up to 1,600 euros a smaller amount, for example, 150 euros, so that the lowest pensions have more support (up to 350 euros).

The future beneficiaries of the benefit

According to EFKA pension data published in the “Insurance and Pensions” insert, the majority of pensioners have pensions of less than €1,400 and meet the criteria to receive an increased personal difference allowance at the end of 2023.

The table by Fund is as follows:

  1. In the IKA, 50% of the IKA pensioners receive a pension of 650 euros and 40% of the pensioners receive 1,400 euros. In total, 90% is as much as 1,400 euros.
  2. In the State, 35% of pensioners receive a pension of up to 1,000 euros, and from 1,000 euros to 1,600 euros, 60% receive it.
  3. In ETAA-TSAU, 80% of pensioners receive a pension of between 800 and 1,800 euros.
  4. In the Lawyers Fund, 97.8% of pensioners receive a pension of up to 1,200 euros.
  5. In TSMEDE, 33% of pensioners receive a pension of up to 800 euros and 65% from 801 to 2,000 euros.
  6. In the OAEE, 55% of pensioners receive a pension of up to 800 euros, while 44.7% have a pension of 801 to 1,800 euros.
  7. In NAT, 42% of pensioners receive a pension of up to 800 euros and 57% have a pension of 801 to 2,200 euros.
  8. In the DEKO-bank Funds, the majority (almost 70%) receive a pension of between 1,200 and 2,600 euros.

The Personal Difference Allowance paid last March was:

*200 euros for pensioners with a pension of up to 1,100 euros, which went from 3.5% to 7%.

*200 euros for pensioners with a pension of between 1,100 and 1,600 euros, who got a rise of up to 3.5%.

*250 euros for pensioners with a pension of up to 1,100 euros, who obtained an increase of up to 3.5%.

*250 euros for pensioners with a pension of between 1,100 and 1,600 euros, who only benefited from an annual increase of up to 111 euros from the suppression of the special solidarity contribution.

*300 euros for pensioners with a pension of up to 1,100 euros, who did not receive any increase.

Those who had a main pension of 1,101 to 1,600 euros and who received a net increase of more than 3.5% did not receive a subsidy, as did those who had a pension of more than 1,600 euros, regardless of whether they had a personal difference.

Likewise, OGA pensioners whose pensions are already low and are excluded from the personal difference were not and will not be beneficiaries of the subsidy. Therefore, the increases go entirely to the pocket.

Pensions: Questions and Answers

What will happen to the 11 retroactive months of the reductions in complementary pensions and Gifts? Will those who have not gone to trial get them?

Retrospectives are on the government’s agenda and it is likely that after the elections, if he wins a new four-year term, he will consider a solution to speed up payments mainly for those with pending lawsuits (around 350,000 pensioners). For those who do not have appeals, a lot is heard, and proposals for payments in three or four annual installments have certainly been discussed, but nothing has been decided. For the resources, the cost of the retrospectives is around 750 million euros and for all pensioners about 2,300 million euros. “At the moment it is not possible to give all the retrospectives to those who have not appealed” is the official position of the Government, which was also expressed by the Prime Minister himself in his interviews (SKAI radio last Monday). There is, he said, a framework to support pensioners with increases that will grow as growth rises, while he clarified that those with a personal difference, and mainly low pensioners, will receive a subsidy until the personal difference is covered with the increases in the next years.

The subsidy for personal difference paid in March to 1,000,000 pensioners

Pension 2023 (€) Difference balance (€) Increase (%) on difference of p. Subsidy paid (€)
745 230 0 300
790 271 0 300
884 183 0 300
1,013 37 0 300
1,053 0 1.52 250
1,075 0 3.16 250
1,144 68 0 250
1,164 0 0.95 250
1,184 165 0 250
1,195 0 2.51 250
1,248 101 0 250
1,251 47 0 250
1,327 223 0 250
1,401 0 0.14 250
1,222 0 3.27 200
1,232 167 0 250
1,262 129 0 250
1,296 7 0 250
1,378 215 0 250
1,452 0 2.96 200
1,587 0 1.76 200

Pension amounts after insurance deductions and before taxes.

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