Authentic SUV that goes everywhere with a consumption of 5.2lt./100km. and a price below 20,000 euros

By | May 2, 2023

By Giorgos Pallikaris

The Greeks want a car that can do it all. Not getting burned, having spaces, being able to step on the ground and not costing a fortune. Most of the models on the market can focus on one area, but Suzuki VITARA is the model that has an answer for everything. It is a Hybrid with a fuel consumption of 5.3 liters, fits for the whole family, loves the soil and is priced at 19,580 euros. These are the reasons why we love him so much as a people.

From the first VITARA in 1988 to the Strong Hybrid VITARA in 2023, the philosophy of one of the first SUVs in history remains the same. Accessible off-road capabilities with low consumption and flexibility in everyday life. With a design that stands out, a leading driving position and, of course, increased ground clearance (17.5m), it makes the most of the capabilities of both the hybrid powertrains and the four-wheel drive system.

Suzuki VITARA: rigid design and panoramic driving position
The VITARA does not forget its roots and maintains a resistant but modern appearance, with a higher ground clearance than the rest of the models in the category. It stands out from afar as a true SUV that will hit the ground and will undoubtedly overcome the irregularities of the asphalt, offering the corresponding tranquility in the cabin. At the same time, however, its compact dimensions, together with the correct architecture, make it a perfectly manageable car, which will not be difficult for anyone in the city.

Suzuki VITARA: capabilities that don’t cost a fortune
The new VITARA manages to offer dozens of advantages of a spacious SUV, with the consumption of a small city car. The reason is the hybrid technology that accompanies all its versions, either as Mild or Strong, which manages to find the perfect balance of coexistence between gasoline and electricity, without the need for a connection to the electrical network.

  • In the Mild Hybrid versions, the 1,400 hp gasoline engine works with a 48V system, managing to deliver 129 hp and a top speed of 190 km/h. Of course, this set can be combined with both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, with a consumption of 5.3lt./100km.
  • For those who want to benefit even more from the advantageous use of electricity, the Strong Hybrid versions have the solution with the 1,500 engine combined with an electric motor that offers an additional 33 HP and 60 Nm of torque, further reducing consumption. Even in this Full Hybrid Strong version, no connection to a power outlet is required, as the battery is charged automatically during braking or directly from the gasoline engine. With a total power of 116 hp and a top speed of 180 km/h, it offers the absolute positive side of electrification, as it can move purely electrically developing speeds of up to 60 km/h over a distance of up to 4.5 km.

Original ALLGRIP four wheel drive
The VITARA is an SUV with true off-road capabilities, paired with the sophisticated Suzuki AllGRIP 4-wheel drive that allows it to move safely, even on little-traveled dirt roads. In fact, the driver can choose between four different 4-wheel drive programs: Auto, where the focus is on economy, Sport, where more torque is distributed to the rear, Snow, for slippery surfaces, Lock, for maximum traction in conditions difficult. It is worth mentioning that 4-wheel drive is always available, regardless of the state of the hybrid system’s battery.

Suzuki VITARA: With comfort and spaces for the whole family
The minimalist image of the VITARA focuses on usability, without, of course, depriving passengers of technologies and touch screens. All passengers enjoy comforts and spaces that ensure relaxing journeys, while the driver has an excellent panoramic view of the road. A touchscreen in the center of the dash provides full control of the infotainment system and of course supports smartphone connection. The trunk can of 289lt. to reach 1,119lt. even having a shape that allows easy loading.

The Suzuki VITARA with the latest technology
Of course, as one of the most modern cars on the market, the VITARA has a full suite of safety and entertainment systems. Among others, it has a navigation system, sensors and reversing camera, 7-inch touch screen, constant update of the status of the hybrid system, Adaptive Cruise Control, automatic climate control, Keyless Push Start and of course Dual Sensor Brake Support. .

The Suzuki VITARA manages, through the hybrid system and four-wheel drive, to offer value for money and a complete package that breaks the barrier of 20,000 euros.

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