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PlayStation Showcase: All the news… followed

eleven Now that the PlayStation Showcase dust has settled a bit, we’ve rounded up what we saw on Thursday night in one article. PlayStation Showcase is a thing of the past, leaving us with 35 game announcements, 2 peripheral announcements, and a lot of…whining, not present. See all of the Showcase announcements below. Watch the… Read More »

The Last of Us Part I (PC) | Review

This text has been written based on our review of the current version of computers. And it is that this particular title is usually a point of reference for the masterpieces that Naughty Dog offers on PlayStation. Having racked up a fair amount of development mileage on the PlayStation 3, the original The Last of… Read More »

Lost Lights Check

Strayed Lights is the first effort from the French Embers. It’s an evocative adventure with a unique style and gameplay that puts its creators on our radar for the future. The story is somewhat reminiscent of Ori as it deals with creatures made of pure light, the threat that darkness brings and all this in… Read More »

Wool Planet | Review

We never say no to proposals that are inspired by the unique Limbo, which offers engaging worlds, an emphasis on environmental puzzles, and simple storytelling with no fanfare or small talk. It could be said that this style of games is to 2D platformers what walking simulators are to first-person games, although in this case… Read More »

Kraino Origins | Review – GameOver

One of the many great things about the indie scene is that it often deals with genres we rarely see from the big developers and publishers. Kraino Origins is a 2D platform game, which is inspired by and could easily have been released many years ago, in the era of the famous “bit wars”. Created… Read More »

TCL NXTWEAR S review –

One of the most interesting products that have passed through our hands are the TCL NXTWEAR S. We saw them for the first time at the MWC in Barcelona last February and now they have come into our hands to try them up close. At the moment they are not available for purchase in Greece… Read More »

Fast X Review –

That x fast Comes Spidato continuing the tradition of the series in action and pulse! The legendary robbery in Rio had left a debt that Dominic Toretto’s “family” did not suspect they would face in the future. The (now) dead drug lord, Hernán Reyes, had a son who survived that massacre and today returns seeking… Read More »