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Panhellenic Games 2023: What is the right diet for the candidates – The 5+1 “SOS”

The thousands of EPAL and GEL candidates respectively are making a “premiere” in the 2023 Panhellenic exams today and tomorrow. has already published tips for those who want to make a last minute recovery, as well as instructions for the entire duration of the Panhellenic exams. However, one factor that is often overlooked is… Read More »

How much does a cyber attack cost?

Just like with normal businesses, cybercriminals need to worry about operating costs and return on investment. Unfortunately, a new report from Deloitte find that the cost of committing cybercrime is incredibly low. Companies spend a lot to defend their networks and assets from cyber threats. HE Kaspersky Laboratories found that enterprise security budgets average around… Read More »

I’m a breast cancer survivor: here’s what I wish I knew first

“Thankfully, I am now cancer-free and ready to do whatever it takes to avoid going back to the chemotherapy chair. That’s why I interviewed doctors, scientists, nutritionists and immunologists for a new book to identify cancer-fighting steps that work,” writes Rosemund Dean in the Telegraph. I’m not here to make false promises. We all know… Read More »

How to get a difficult child to eat his (healthy) food?

Is the child difficult and picky about food? See how to get him to eat his food and make healthy choices, but also what tactics fail VIKY VENIOU 05/31/2023 09:24:09 HE diet It has always been one of the main issues that concern them parents. Most strive to teach the child, from an early age,… Read More »

Foods that “lower” blood pressure

Hypertension, that is, high blood pressure, is considered one of the main factors of cardiovascular diseases. Daily physical activity and good eating habits can not only keep our blood pressure under control but even control -of course to some extent- hypertension. Hypertension: a major public health problemMore than a billion people worldwide have high blood… Read More »

Panhellenic: 6 foods that help memory and concentration

We are two days away from the Panhellenic Games and thousands of applicants are feverishly preparing for the exams that will determine their admission to the country’s university institutions. This is a period full of study, repetition, but also a lot of stress. From a nutritional point of view, children should eat properly and balanced,… Read More »

Plant foods that improve vision and increase performance

Eye care is considered essential for children’s learning and social progress. What are those foods that ensure good visual health in children and facilitate learning? The importance of nutrition in the visual health of children Although it is not a miracle solution, an adequate and balanced diet for children is capable of preventing some vision… Read More »

A vegan diet can be balanced and delicious

Dimitra and Ilias through Bean-Witched, with printed messages and recipes, share the vision of a better world Would you rather have a pasticcio with chopped cauliflower, mushrooms, pink lentils and walnuts or an omelette with chopped beans and caramelized vegetables? How about ground bean empanadas with rice and salsa or Caesar salad with tofu? These… Read More »

The 10 best fruits to lose weight

What are the best fruits to lose weight? Fruits are the healthiest source of nutrientssince they are low in calories and fat. However, this does not mean that all fruits are equally nutritious and suitable for losing weight. Certain fruits can reduce hunger, appetite and make you consume fewer calories. If you want to maximize… Read More »

What can I eat at night to lose weight: 5 and 1 foods

What can I eat at night to lose weight: 5 and 1 foods that you can eat at night There are many people who want to keep fit without sacrificing their dinner. These meals will not only allow you to eat them without gaining weight, but will also prevent digestive and sleep problems. The key… Read More »