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By | May 6, 2023

Smart trains that stop before they crash, parking with sensors, elevators for the disabled, sustainable cities for all, equal access societies, modern civil protection systems. These are imagined and designed by students of all grades in Chania who presented their creations as part of the “Celebrating Natural Sciences in Chania” event organized at Chania’s second secondary school on Saturday. With an eye on the future and not oblivious to the current situation, the students, with the help and guidance of their teachers, impressed the audience with the creations they presented.

“The designers of the future” at the Kolymvari primary school

A smart city that helps people with special needs and transportation will use “smart technologies” to prevent accidents, sixth-form students at Kolymvari primary school have planned. From his city, which he presents to them representation of children, there is no lack of sports and accessibility:

“On the occasion of the accident in Tempti, we built a system of trains that have sensors and stop to avoid the accident. Skwe also get to how to deal with difficulties faced by people with disabilities. We built a system that will carry their purchases, their suitcases, their things, an elevator that will take them across the street,” he says. 6th grade teacher, Manolis Hairetis. “The children were excited because they use their imagination, collaborate, solve problems”

She gave her own congratulations to the children and their teacher. the director of the school, Fani Bubonari, at the same time thank the businessmen in the area who donated the robotics kits to the school.

Chania 2nd primary school anti-trafficking robot

The children of 6th of 2nd grade of primary school in Chania designed the solution to the traffic problem with smart parking lots with their own robots, which have even included solutions for the long-awaited connection of these parking lots with the city center!

In your own “smart city”, a self-propelled ambulance overtakes oncoming cars, as when an accident occurs, it notifies itself via sensors!

Talk about an exceptional experience of learning, critical thinking and collaboration. the school principal, Roula Pantelaki: “We started from 2017. This team you see qualified both last year and this year in the Panhellenic competition,” he says.

“Like a volcano awakening…” from Chania’s 10th kindergarten

Thrilled by your commitment to volcanoes, say the young students of Chania’s 10th kindergarten. As the person in charge, Ioanna Klapsinou, pointed out in “We made a model that shows the volcano inside, a book of laps that provides various information about volcanoes and a map of Greece with active and inactive volcanoes. (…) The children were excited, they liked it a lot, because in addition to the constructions that we presented today, we did a lot of activities at school, we had an explosion, we watched informative videos and so on.

“Chemistry in Cleaning” of Chania 2nd General Secondary School

2nd year General Baccalaureate students talked about the chemicals contained in cleaning products. In fact, at the end of the presentation, the visitor is subjected to a… test through an improvised electronic blackboard, to see if he was watching while the good students receive handmade soaps as a gift!

Also, at your counter the visitor can learn how to remove a betadine stain!

The steam team “flies” at the 6th Gymnasium in Chania

Bars for the safe disembarkation and boarding of passengers from trains, an early warning device for earthquakes and fires, among others, are included in the eight new devices developed by the students of the steam team of the 6th Gymnasium of Chania. With a lot of work outside school hours, cooperation and effort, they presented the audience with an impressive result:

More workshops in schools

For an event that continues to maintain its vitality and momentum since it began in 2014 and each year is more and more dynamic, said the head of the Natural Sciences Laboratory Center (ELC) of the director of secondary education, Nikos Anastasakis. Mr. Anastasakis emphasized that from next year it is planned to establish contacts with other similar events in Crete through the cooperation of natural science centers. “Children recover lost contact with the so-called handjob, work with their hands, something that has been left out of the school curriculum. We hope that this “push” that we do with events like today’s will spread and change the way natural sciences are taught in schools,” he emphasized.

“The children have fun, show their creativity and share with the visitors the work they have done at school,” he emphasized. the head of the primary education directorate, Popi Kassotakis – Psaroudakis: “Behind this celebration that we see today exists a lot of work from inspired teachers who don’t look at the time, don’t look closely at their assignments, but spend many hours helping children discover how the world works, cultivating their natural curiosity, inspiring them” noted. In fact, he made a special reference to the participation of kindergartens in the event, pointing out that it is important to give children the opportunity to dedicate themselves to natural sciences from a very young age.

EITHER the regional deputy governor for innovation, Antonis Papaderakis, mentioned three reasons why these actions are of great interest: First, because they make the children work cooperatively, in groups among themselves. Second, it puts them through an innovative thought process, which is of great importance to the citizens of tomorrow. And the third is that children through this process see the relationship between science, knowledge and its practical application in various fields.

The Mayor of Chania, Panagiotis Simandirakis, He pointed out that “our children show the power of learning, the power of creativity that the educational community possesses.” “This enthusiasm, this vitality, this energy that the visitor receives here today is ultimately the legacy for our future,” she said.

For his part, the mayor of Platanias, Yiannis Malandrakis, said that “Platanias schools actively participate in the organization, with creativity and ingenuity”. “We have supported the efforts of our teachers and directors since the first year and we see how important it is for children to present their work,” he stressed.

The following schools participated in detail:

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