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By | May 6, 2023

After the coronation of Charles officially assumes the role of the new monarch of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth (14 other countries), ending a wait of more than 70 years, the longest of any succession in British history.

This role may be difficult for him, since his mother was extremely popular, but he left behind a royal family with a tarnished reputation and strained relationships. Also, the economic and political situation in Great Britain after Brexit is particularly difficult and, of course, let’s not forget… Megxit!

Starting today, King Charles will face these challenges at the age of 74 – the oldest monarch to ascend to the throne in a thousand years. next to him, his second wife, Camilla, which still divides public opinion, as does his decision to declare her queen effectively disobeying the wishes of Queen Elizabeth, who had given her the title “royal consort”.

Critics and supporters

For his critics, the new king is weak and unsuited for the role. They make fun of him for talking to plants and being passionate about architecture and the environment, while still talking about his failed first marriage to the deceased. Princess Diana.

His followers, on the other hand, say that the good work he has done is being misrepresented, that he has simply not been well understood and that on issues such as climate change he was ahead of his time. They argue that he is a thoughtful man, concerned about Britons of all classes and walks of life. The charity prince’s trust has helped more than a million unemployed youth since it was founded nearly 50 years ago.

Britain is in crisis

Today the king charles officially takes the reins at a difficult time, with the United Kingdom facing the worst economic crisis in 40 years, having changed four prime ministers in six years.

While Elizabeth represented the unlikely fusion of four nationalities into one state, Great Britain, Scotland prepares to leave the British union to return to its European version.

Northern Ireland believes its future lies in the Republic of Ireland, as an informal member of the EU. Even if Britain doesn’t end up consisting of just England and Wales, a constitutional reorganization will be necessary.

But modern Britain is also facing punctuality crisis, large national debt, possible recession and chronic low productivity.


After the autobiography “Spare”, or king charles decided to evict his son, Prince Harry, and his wife, Meghan Markle, from Frogmore Cottage, where they were staying. It was a few days after his highly praised autobiography that Buckingham Palace began proceedings for his eviction from the palace property. And while Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have chosen to live in the United States of America, this decision was not so pleasant for the famous couple.

With the Duke of Sussex’s attacks on the royal family continuing after ‘Megxit’, British reports report that the Buckingham palace is preparing to hand over the keys to ‘Frogmore Cottage’ to Prince Andrew, as the moves and attacks have angered the late Elizabeth’s eldest son.

The palace plans to give Frogmore Cottage to Prince Andrew. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are losing their only remaining home in the UK. A footage of the house that was used for the his Netflix documentary.

People disapprove of Prince Andrew at every opportunity.

The “naughty” Prince Andrew became a target of disapproval upon arrival at the Abbey for the King Charles coronation ceremony.

The king’s brother, who became known primarily for his involvement in sex scandals, faced the popular outcry being completely speechless. Besides appeared without his royal status.

Prince Andrew, 63, officially the Duke of York, is the third of Queen Elizabeth’s four children and the second son his.

It is remembered that the November 2019 his close friendship with free-spirited, convicted, and ultimately self-righteous pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was revealed, while Andrew was personally attacked by Virginia Geoffrey. She that she sued Andrew for rape and molestation.

Andrew was booed by both the crowd watching the ceremony and Twitter users.


At the coronation ceremony there were several surprises and news, as reported by relevant informationwhich were carried out on the initiative of Karolos himself.

In particular, he wanted a multicultural and inclusive ceremony and, for the first time, representatives of other church denominations played a role, including Christianity, and for the first time there were female bishops and hymns were sung in other languages.

Police made 52 arrests during the coronation ceremony

British police announced today that they made 52 arrests during their operation on the sidelines of King Charles’ coronation ceremony.

The detainees are being held for a series of offences, including brawling, disorderly conduct and conspiracy to cause public nuisance.

In a statement, London police said all those arrested remain in custody and defended their move to make the much-criticized arrests, saying they had information about plans to disrupt the historic event.

Law enforcement arrested dozens of environmentalists planning actions along the royal procession route, as well as at least six anti-monarchy activists, including Republican leader Graham Smith, who had organized a demonstration in Trafalgar Square.

Clarifying that it had arrested 52 people, who remain in custody for disorderly conduct, on Saturday afternoon, London’s Metropolitan Police said it had “received information that protesters wanted to disrupt the royal procession.”

“It included information indicating that people wanted to try to vandalize monuments with paint, break through roadblocks and disrupt official traffic,” Scotland Yard said.

This seems to allude to the kind of actions by the environmental movement Just Stop Oil, whose activists were arrested, but police do not clearly explain the arrest of anti-monarchy protesters whose “Not My King” banners were confiscated.

However, that did not stop hundreds of anti-monarchists from demonstrating in front of the royal procession, a limited but unthinkable presence under the reign of Elizabeth II.

The police action, which had deployed more than 11,000 agents today, was criticized by human rights groups.

The metro was seized just days after the hasty approval of a controversial new law that strengthens police powers to deal with protests.

“We have a duty to intervene when protests turn rogue and risk causing serious disruption,” Karen Findlay, who coordinated the police operation, said in a police news release. “It depends on how the whole environment has formed. The coronation is a once-in-a-generation event and is a key element of our assessment,” she added.

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