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By | May 1, 2023

Corfu : We travel to… Boats with Violari and Koskinas – Corfu Today – Corfu News – kerkyrasimera

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“Through the melodic streets of the boites”, a concert that made us go back in time! Afras Educational and Cultural Association, under the auspices of the Municipality of Central Corfu and Diapontian Islands, presented Greek Cypriot singer Michalis Violaris at the Corfu Municipal Theatre, together with Agathi Koskina in an acting role, they took us on a journey. to the period of the heyday of the Buatodans, where only favorite songs with active participation of the audience are heard.

The title of the concert, which was also the idea of ​​Michalis Violaris, took shape, since throughout the concert the public did not stop singing and actively participating in the concert.
The simplicity of the performer, his humor and his self-sarcasm created a very beautiful climate of cooperation on stage with all his companions and was undoubtedly another reason for the success of the musical evening.

The surprise of the evening was when Michalis Violaris played the piano accompanying Agathi Koskina in the song of her own composition: “The Four Roses”, in a first national performance.
The opening was performed by the Afras children’s choir in collaboration with the children’s choir “The smiles of Mont-Repo” where they received warm applause. The evening ended in a dynamic way with Afra’s mixed choir “I Lambovitissa” on stage, which really stole the show.

The evening was honored with their presence, the deputies Mr. Dimitrios Biagis and mr. Alexandros Avlonitis, the deputy mayor for culture of the Municipality of Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands, Ms. chrysoula tombrou, The representative of the Mayor and deputy mayor of technical services Mr. Nikos Kalogeros, the deputy mayor of Mathrakis and the water supply Mr. Vassilis Argyros, the cleaning deputy mayor Mr. ioannis seremetis, The mandatory municipal councilor Mr. Vasilis Melidis, Former Member of Parliament and Minister Mr. Apostle Kratsas, The former deputy and regional governor Mr. Spyros Spyro as well as the administrator of the Corfu General Hospital, Ms. Adamantia Englesopoulou.
The Board of Directors of the association and the president Mr. Kostas Nakos, Thank you so much for the support to all the participants, the sponsors, but especially to the enthusiastic audience who literally hugged each other with love all night!


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