Crete | With impressive marina, work begins on ‘Elounda Hills’

By | April 29, 2023

It took fifteen years for the environmental impact study of a very ambitious investment, the construction of the village “Elounda Hills” by the company “Mirum Hellas”, to be carried out in the particularly beautiful place “Pleura”, just opposite from the town of Agios. Nicholas.

The issue was discussed at the Agios Nikolaos Municipal Council, which was attended by the new managing director of the project. angelos angelidakisnoting that it is the largest tourism investment implemented in Greece today.

The signing of the contract for the construction of the marina works is expected next month and in June the installation of the project contractor who will start the construction works from the ground. The floating construction assets (floating cranes, etc.) are estimated to be installed in September 2023. The port facilities, covering 1,000 meters of waterfront, are estimated to be completed in June 2025.

concern was expressed


It is possible that the majority of the Municipal Council is in favor of the implementation of the investment, however, the concerns expressed by the municipal councilors regarding the environmental, aesthetic, and social impact, as well as the absorption of natural resources and the depletion of the existing infrastructure, were sufficient and reasonable, today they refer to needs of a certain scale and pace of development.

The influence of a tourist city -along with the tourist city of Agios Nikolaos- must, as has been underlined, ensure conditions of adaptation and smooth integration, as well as a counter offer to the local society, so that it really works beneficially through the value added produced for the place and not only for foreign capital investors in this country.

The investment plan is part of the large strategic investments since 2006, in an area of ​​734,670 m2, with a maximum construction of 146,934 m2, where there is a 50% coverage factor and 50% public and common spaces. seen the future

Company guarantees.

The important thing is that the project will be carried out in stages so as not to affect the entire “balcony” of the city, said the company’s representative, who insisted on the added value of the investment for the region.

Mr. Angelidakis said that it will provide jobs and added value to Lasithi prefecture and all over Crete. The specific project will be the most compatible with the environment and Crete, he stressed, and announced that the works of the marina and the rest of the port facilities in this town are finally beginning.

The environmental engineer Petros Stavrou presented the Environmental Impact Study and the urban characteristics of the investment.

A roundabout will be the town’s main traffic connection with the road network, in the company’s office building.

The water needs are in 1,630 m2. daily, of which 150 will be taken from the Municipal network and the rest from two desalination units. For irrigation, it is planned to separate and reuse the water from the tertiary treatment plants that will be distributed throughout the neighborhoods of the town. Rainwater collection is also planned to reduce the need to use mains water and desalination.

The buildings will be built according to international bioclimatic standards, RES will be used and connected to the PPC network. Cable cars and electric cars are planned. The landscape restoration will be carried out with phytotechnical studies, the creation of new green spaces, the conservation of forest areas, integrated management and the reuse after treatment of excavated materials that are not sufficient for this purpose and inert materials from the quarries in the area. necessary. The purpose is to protect the coastline and the beach at the location of the marina.

Two Green Points will be placed at the two central entrances and there will be waste recycling corners throughout the town. For liquid waste, 21 dispersed sewage treatment units will be built.

The largest private marina in Greece

This is how Mr. Angelidakis characterized it, clarifying that it is certainly the largest hotel facility, qualifying it as “the pride” of the investment. A central marina, marina – anchorage and port shelter will be built.

He was quick to address the widespread concern of municipal officials and municipal marina administration officials, saying that “it will definitely work hand in hand with the existing Agios Nikolaos marina, which is doing very well…” .

The project site manager, port engineer dimitris georgiou presented the marina of “Mirum”. The marina, according to him, obtained the environmental license in 2021 and construction begins in June in the coastal area of ​​the tourist village. “This marina includes all the coastal port projects that ensure its proper functioning as well as the provision of high-level services to its visitors and users,” he said.

The port facilities extend over a 1 kilometer seafront! In the first basin, 52 recreational boats will be permanently serviced. It will consist of coastal docks and a windward jetty inside which a floating jetty is planned for the docking of boats. The port’s second basin will consist of a circular inner quay wall terminating to the north at a windward jetty and to the south at a leeward jetty, where some small pleasure craft will be permanently docked.

The construction of two berthing fronts is also planned. For one, super and mega yachts will be docked depending on the season. On the other front there will be seasonal moorings for pleasure boats, mainly superyachts.

In total, the above projects create 202 berths for boats of various sizes (6-70 meters), of which 64 are permanent and 138 are seasonal. In the marina it will be possible to provide all services (electricity, current, water, fuel, wastewater supply, mineral oil, etc.). Restaurants and a small hotel will be built in the marina, for which building permits have already been issued.

The marina’s port works schedule is two years.

It is noteworthy, finally, that the Municipal Council, with the minority of Mr. Filippakis, expressed itself positively for the EIA of the project.

Nikos Trantas

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