Data science and analytics: how to get started

By | May 16, 2023

Data Analyst: The most demanded specialty in the labor market.

Professionals from various disciplines, such as finance, accounting, IT, business administration or science, can be sought after in the highly paid data analysis market.

Data analysts are specialized professionals who process large amounts of data to extract useful information about a company’s customers, products, and performance. Without data analysts, companies cannot use the data they have collected with implications for their business policy, marketing strategy, and production processes. Therefore, it is observed that the demand in the field of data analysis is constantly increasing, as a result of which the jobs are constantly increasing.

What industry must one come from to become a BI/DATA analyst?

Talking to Dimitris Kyriakatis and Efthymis Vafiadis, founders of Workearly, the number 1 reskilling service in Greece, professionals from various fields such as finance, accounting, management or positive sciences can be sought after in the market as data analysts. Specifically, they tell us that data analysts are characterized by a wide variety of skills related to database management, analysis, reporting, and programming.

Data Science Summer School

Workearly Greece, after the “sold out” last summer, opens this year’s cycle of Data Science Summer School, giving the opportunity to those who want to train from home in the most sought-after sector of the labor market.

La gazetta gives its readers a discount coupon (“summerschool3”) worth 25 euros for the Data Science Summer School (valid for limited places). apply now

Data Science Summer School 2023 – APPLICATION FOR PARTICIPATION

Sports Data Analyst: The best job you can do that you didn’t know existed.

Data analytics and the science of data science has also spread to the field of sports, with sports analytics in soccer delivering very important results for teams. Performance analysis, opponent analysis, scouting, interpretation and analysis of results are just some examples of the application of Data Analysis in soccer.

Did you know that if you know data analysis you can be hired by Liverpool, Real or Paris?

Today, those who excel in technology and data analytics already have an advantage in the global job market in many industries. Now, they begin to join the side of athletes and managers in the professional field of sport. These young sports industry professionals have changed sports like never before, matching impressive achievements on the field with new feats in data analysis.

In soccer, the best European teams hire data analysts who use performance metrics and analytics to acquire new players. As sports have evolved from an entertainment activity to a part of the global economic powerhouse, more and more people are turning to the sporting side, but on a business level. Sports data analysts have thus become integral parts of billion-dollar sports franchises studying everything from on-field performance and sports medicine to marketing and fundraising efforts. Analysis.

The profession of sports data analyst, by extension, is considered one of the most sought after in the modern marketplace, with sports teams and companies spending increasing sums on hiring trained and qualified executives. It is a smart, methodical and strategic career option for graduates or professionals in multiple disciplines such as Finance, IT, Accounting and Science.

How to become a soccer data analyst:

Vassilis Sambrakos and Dimitris Kyriakatis, Co-Founder and CEO of Workearly Sports Analytics School, discuss Football Analytics and how easy it is to become a football data analyst.

Combine summer and soccer analysis

If you are a sports fan and are interested in working with Football Analytics, either professionally or as a hobby, then the Football Analytics Summer School is for you.

Graduates can access the online database of Sports Certified Professionals with a letter of recommendation to view their profile, resume, analysis and scores, top team recruiters and analysts.

The gazette gives its readers a discount coupon (“summerschool3”) worth 25 euros for the Football Analytics Summer School (valid for limited places).

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