Dimitra Stamatelou: This system has eaten its bread, it constantly falls into contradictions

By | May 18, 2023

The next government will have the same characteristics as the previous ones, emphasizes Dimitra Stamatelou, who points out that no condition is met for the KKE to participate in a government of cooperation. He talks about the crises that the system creates. The pandemic came out with “we go where it comes out…” he says about the critical shortage in the Health sector.

The clear position of the KKE not to participate in a government scheme is conveyed by the party’s candidate for parliament in First Piraeus Dimitra Stamatelou.

“Currently there are no conditions to consider that we can build a government authority that supports and fights with data from another economy and society from our program,” he affirms categorically.

However, Ms. Stamatelou points out that “if something pro-people comes in a provision or bill, we have no qualms about supporting it”.

Ms. Stamatelou is a pathologist and infectious disease specialist and holds the position of B’ Curator in Evangelism. Speaking outside the hospital, she recounts what she experienced during the pandemic as a worker at the General State of Nice and complains that “public health does not have enough funds or staff”.

Responding to a question about “whether the KKE has power”, he declares himself “optimistic” when conveying the participation of the people in the events and discussions: “People recognize the stable political power in the KKE”.

He describes Russia’s war in Ukraine as “imperialist”, while regarding the extreme right he stresses: “Vigilance is required and we must not show any tolerance.”

We saw with our own eyes people dying in a simple Covid ward because there was no ICU

The candidate for parliament in A’Piraeus with the KKE, Mr. Dimitra Stamatelou with the journalist from en, Mr. Christos Kolonas

To participate in the government: There are no conditions

Mrs. Stamatelou sees more measures at the expense of the popular layers of the next government.

As he says, “the Recovery Fund alone has 350 laws as prerequisites. The Fund is not a sack of money to be shared,” he says characteristically seeing measures in the context of EU budgetary and political constraints.

So she herself clarifies that for the moment there are no conditions for the KKE to build in cooperation with other political forces a government authority that fights for the conditions of another society and economy based on the program of the communist party.

However, he emphasizes that the KKE has no qualms about supporting something pro-popular, be it a provision or a bill.

For cooperation with SYRIZA, PASOK, MERA25 and ANTARSYA: The separation

Separate joint struggles to assert popular demands from government cooperation.

“When we participate in contests, we don’t ask for political identities,” emphasizes Ms. Stamatelou.

However, regarding the possibility of government cooperation with the factions of SYRIZA, PASOK or MERA 25 and ANTARSYA, it repeats the different position, while directing its fire especially against SYRIZA.

“SYRIZA ruled, we saw it. He brought the third memorandum. But even as an opposition, he voted for half of the anti-popular bills,” he observes and clarifies: “We would not accept a proposal for cooperation with SYRIZA

For public health: The pandemic came out with the “we go wherever it goes…”

Ms. Stamatelou was on the front lines during the pandemic working at the State General Hospital in Nice.

“The entire pandemic came out with the slogan: Let’s go wherever…”, he says characteristically, underlining the “lack of funds and personnel in the public health system”.

It stands out in the total lack of primary health care, while denouncing what the ND government supported regarding the availability of ICUs: “A ventilator in a simple room is not considered an ICU.”

On immigration: The Lisbon agreement traps refugees

“Poverty and wars cause migratory flows,” says the KKE candidate for deputy.

Denounces the EU agreements. with Türkiye and Lisbon. These agreements trap refugees in Greece, he stresses, characterizing the accommodation structures as “prisons”.

On the war in Ukraine: And if Russia wins, imperialism will win again

The KKE’s position is also clear regarding Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Ms Stamatelou recalls the match’s gripes against Russia from the start.

He characterizes it as “unfair and imperialistic”, while arguing that it is done to “divide the world again”. As he says, it is a war between the US, the EU and NATO – Russia.

She points out that “today’s Russia has nothing to do with the Soviet Union”

To go green: discussions are about accumulating profit

Without declaring her opposition to renewable energy sources, the KKE parliamentary candidate sees the green transition discussions as all about finding a new outlet for big capital to rack up profits.

She points to the pollutant and energy markets to confirm her point, arguing that only public control of energy sources can protect the environment.

For he Brain drain: To open organic positions in the NSS

For the return of young scientists to Greece, Ms. Stamatelou brings the example of her medical colleagues.

“As long as organic positions are not opened in the public health system, young people will not return,” he stresses.

On socialism and the KKE: Socialism will not happen the day after the elections

She is optimistic about the participation of the people in the KKE. “We are deploying our proposal in informative events in thematic discussions”, she emphasizes and “we are optimistic”, she adds, answering if the KKE has power. “The world recognizes that we are a stable political force.”

As for socialism, Ms Stamatelou is not worried: “Socialism cannot be done the next day. But as long as the world realizes the dead end of capitalism, it will join forces.”

For the far right: Surveillance

For the KKE, as Ms. Stamatelou underlines, the extreme right taps into the system to serve specific interests.

“Vigilance is needed and we must not show any tolerance,” he says.

He refutes the argument of the outraged by recalling: “Those who assassinated Pavlos Fyssa and attacked the Egyptian fishermen knew about the crimes of the Nazis.

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