Dimitris Papadimoulis among the top 20 MEPs

By | May 9, 2023

Among the main “Members of the European Parliament with the greatest political and social influence”, the Vice President of the European Parliament and head of the Eurogroup of SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance, Dimitris Papadimoulis, is evaluated based on the MEP Influence Index 2023 Report, published by Matrix of the EU.

“The Eumatrix report is a study that evaluates the work of all the members of the European Parliament, with the criteria of the analysis reflect the influence of an MEP from the beginning of this legislature until today.

Assessment highlights 100 most influential MEPs EU policy making and shape legislation for more than 440 million European citizens, with the ability to provoke legislative changes through proposals, to win votes in the European Parliament, but also they shape the political and social agenda of the debates.

This survey measures the influence of MEPs through a combination of criteria which are grouped into the following categories: Formal and Informal Leadership Positions, Actual Legislative Work, Political Network, Committee Participation, and Voting Behavior.

  • Clearly, the distinction in such an assessment favors MEPs from large countries and political groups, while conversely making it more difficult to nominate MEPs from small political groups and smaller countries.
    Unsurprisingly, and he also refers to the key findings and results of his Report. EU Matrixthe German delegation is the most influential overall and also with one of the best features in proportion to its size.
  • Italy’s MEPs and from France they clearly underperform. Of the small countries, their MEPs malt and his luxembourg exceed the weight of their representation, while the Cyprus, he Italy and the Hungary have the lowest performing national delegations.
  • Unfortunately, Greece sits way down the overall standings, making Dimitris Papadimoulis’ continued distinction in the top 20 E/B all the more important.
    It is characteristic that in
    Above 100 of the most influential MEPs, the democrat Papadimoulis is the only Greek.
  • As for the Eurogroup of the Left (He Left) is characteristic is the democrat Papadimoulis is the only leftist in Toperation 20, with the next MEP from the left, the French younous omarjee, to follow in No. 42 and the third Dutch MEP Anja Hazekampin it No. 77.
  • According to the estimates of the Investigation, it is formulated the forecast of the investigation that the strength and political influence of the Eurogroup of the Left will be reinforced in the next European elections of 2024″, is included in a relevant statement from the MEP.

“Yesterday’s European assessment, which once again places me among leading MEPs out of a total of 705, that constitutes another major European honor as I near the end of my last term in the European Parliament.

this no positive news, not only honors me but also my country, that I represent at the Bureau of the European Parliament as the only one on the left and now the only one from Greece.
Together with my partners, I promise to continue, without respite, represent both my faction and my country to the best of my ability and fight for the interests of the Greek people, until the end of my parliamentary journey, in July 2024,” said Dimitris Papadimoulis.

Followed by list of the 20 most influential MEPs for 2023:

1 manfred weber Germany Union Christlich-Soziale in Bayern eV PPE
2 Roberta METSOLA malt Nationalist party PPE
3 Iratxe GARCÍA PEREZ Spain Spanish Socialist Worker’s Party SOUTH DAKOTA
4 heidi hautala Finland vihreä liitto Greens/EFA
5 Juan Fernando LOPEZ AGUILAR Spain Spanish Socialist Worker’s Party SOUTH DAKOTA
6 Dita CHARANZOVÁ Czech Republic year 2011 Renew
7 Johan VAN OVERTVELDT Belgium Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie ECR
8 Othmar Karas Austria Österreichische Volkspartei PPE
9 Bernd Lange Germany Sozialdemokratische Partei Germany SOUTH DAKOTA
10 bas eickhout Netherlands greenlinks Greens/EFA
eleven Cristian-Silviu BUŞOI Romania National Liberal Party PPE
12 paulo rangel Portugal Social Democratic Party PPE
13 Michal ŠIMEČKA Slovakia Progressive Slovensko Renew
14 Rainer WIELAND Germany Christlich Demokratische Union Germany PPE
fifteen Ryszard Antoni LEGUTKO Poland Prawo i Sprawiedliwosć ECR
sixteen Eíder GARDIAZABAL RUBIAL Spain Spanish Socialist Worker’s Party SOUTH DAKOTA
17 Stephane SEJOURNÉ France Listen Renaissance Renew
18 Dimitrios PAPADIMOULIS Greece Radical Left Coalition The left
19 Frances Fitzgerald Ireland good party gael PPE
twenty Marian-Jean MARINESCU Romania National Liberal Party PPE

Here is the full list of the Top100 ranking

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