Disclosure: These are the new changes to imported used cars

By | May 15, 2023

Which fines are expected to be removed and which are expected to increase and what else is the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport considering changing.

new changes to Register of Imported Used Vehicles (MEMO) plans it Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport for it to work properly platform and finally be able to become the intersections and to impose the fines toward expert professionals he private importers of used vehicles.

At the same time, its executives Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport They have also identified all mistakes that should be be corrected in online platform but also in number of fines for the MEMO to be and that seems fine to me but also effective.


According exclusive information from Carandmotor.gr he fines for misspellings, anagrams and another no defects in substance which found out from the documents that have been presented be abolished not to create chaos and of course to “is blocked» and the whole system. That is, if the importer of a used car register the wrong frame number in the system WHO clearly shown on the Certificate of Conformity or in foreign license he the system will not impose a penalty will simply alert the user of correct the mistake. The same will happen if it is spelled incorrectly. anti-pollution directive, pending withdrawalsetc

Contrary to case of detection of forged documents so he fines be super cool and They can even exceed 30,000 euros while there will also be penalty prosecution of thief who will have provided them.

In addition, a major problem that has emerged and been identified by Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport officials concerns the input time frame of a car but also in the expected fines. In particular, the registration of the vehicle carried out within the period is defined as punctual 20 days from the date of submission of the application for the issuance of the first license to operate in Greece. From day 21 onwards 30 days additional days is considered a expired entry and is penalized with 100 euros per day of delay. From the 31st day of late registration and until 180 the fine is 200 euros per day. After period of 180 days the vehicle is now considered definitively unregistered and towed a fine of 1,000 euros per vehicle. That is, for example, if the importer registers the vehicle late 100 days will be fined 20,000 euros! If you don’t record it at all, the fine is 1000 euros!


Also another problem that has been identified has to do with the geometric increase in fines regardless of the value of the car. for example, for 2 cases of unregistered vehicles the fine is 2,000 euros. For 20 cases is €32,000! That is, they are planned duplications, triplications and quintuple of fines in case of recurrence of any infringement. According to officials from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, it is not possible fines of 2,000 EUR or 15,000 EUR are imposed in a car worth 7,000 euros. It is logical that the fines are proportional to the value of the goods…

Another issue has also been identified that arises with the validity of the documents and in particular with the KTEOs Inspection Bulletins from other member states as it is very likely that even buyers do not know if the KTEO newsletter which has been delivered by seller is genuine!


However, there are countries where he the authenticity or not of the Technical Inspection Bulletin is verified by online platforms which are accessible both for the importer and during the control in the competent transport offices during its registration, where its validity is verified, otherwise the vehicle is not registered. But there are also countries with a characteristic example of Germany where such platform No exists therefore, the importer judges the authenticity of the document based on his experience. Similarly, the control is carried out by the competent departments during their classification, at which time the vehicle is registered or not based on validity of the document The reasonable question for every importer is how it is possible for a document to be considered false after its classification, that is, after the control carried out in the Transport Directorates. its executives we are responsible they try to clarify which documents will be considered false and how It will be reviewedso that a true chaos of incalculable consequences is not imposed on the market!

HE President of the Greek Automobile Importers Association (SEEAE) Mr. Konstantinos Kyratsos points to carandmotor.gr that Association of Automobile Importers of Greece from the first moment you want to implement the legality and something cunning who do not belong to our area but who practice by the way and at the same time swap cars or is it illegal private traders and cause huge problems in the industry and its market be expelled and if be punished without mercy.


He MEMORANDUM it came, some people imposed it to make it difficult to import used cars and since we can’t abolish it, we try to find and add some positive aspects to make it work as well as possible, of course, it needs a lot corrections and interventionsthat we have mentioned in our memos in we are responsibleso that the MEMORANDUM to function properly and become, perhaps, one useful tool for the statehim businessman and the consumer.

The worst thing is that the fines provided for by the relevant legislation should be reviewed. can not for someone anagram be imposed fines of thousands of euros at the time they have been deposited official documents of the vehicle including all these data. Can’t fines of thousands of euros are imposed in vehicles with much lower values! It is also not possible not to give one adjustment period not only to merchants but also to private consumers so they can adapt to it electronic platform. its executives Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport found the problems that your platform has MEMORANDUM and perceived that the exorbitant fines provided for by law should be abolished failures he human errors while on the contrary the law is relentless with the tested falsely state and falsified information and in their knowledge create unfair competition for their benefit.

We hope that the verbal guarantees that we had from the Vice Minister of Transportation Mr. Michael Papadopoulosthe Secretary General Mr. Yannis Xifaras and the Director of the corresponding department Mr. argiri kouzithat no penalties or fines will be imposed until changes and fixes are complete that we have noted in our memos and that we will definitely be given an additional adjustment period later on.”


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