Double licensed trick in Mykonos

By | May 11, 2023

Principote in Panormos was sealed yesterday, following a unanimous decision by the Mykonos Municipality to suspend its operating license.

his seal principality decided yesterday Mykonos Township. The outrageous thing is that, as it was revealed, the business had also received a license to operate its service. tourism ministerthat its withdrawal was also requested.

Dual licensed cheat on Mykonos-1

For its part, the company announced a call for Justice annul decisions against you. At the same time, preparation for demolitions on the island, based on previous demolition protocols.

The developments are now fast. Yesterday at noon, the municipality’s Quality of Life Committee held an emergency meeting, which unanimously decided to suspend the operating license of Principote in Panormos and proceed to seal it.

police assistance

“Because the municipality does not have a municipal police, we ask the police for their assistance,” the mayor of Mykonos, Kostas Koukas, tells “K”.. “Of course, it’s not enough just to seal the store, but also to supervise it. I remind you that in 2016 we sealed and re-sealed the Principote and finally…it worked normally. It produced a summer of autoflowers.”

Dual licensed cheat on Mykonos-1
Principote facilities in Panormos. “Of course, it’s not enough just to seal the store, but also to supervise it. In 2016 we had sealed and resealed the Principote and finally…it worked normally. He spent a summer with autoflowerings,” the mayor of Mykonos tells “K”, Kostas Koukas.

The absurdity feature of the legislation is that, as it turned out, Principote had obtained a license to operate a health care store and from the Cyclades Regional Tourism Service (PYT)., which depends on the Ministry of Tourism. According to information, the suspension of this license was also requested.

“Companies do everything possible to be insured. We have had cases in the past where the municipality refused to license a health care store, and then applied to PYT and got a license. There is an overlap of responsibilities and one does not inform the other”, says Mr. Koukas. According to sources from the Ministry of Tourism, this is a “revelation” of the 2021 business, a time when there were also licensed rooms in Principote (something that “justifies” the involvement of this particular service). However, as the ministry reports, today the head of the service in Mykonos will carry out an investigation to investigate any further violations of tourism legislation.

Dual licensed cheat on Mykonos-2

Rapid developments in Mykonos – The municipality unanimously decided to proceed with the sealing of the Prince.

The day before yesterday, the Ministry of the Environment requested the revocation of Principote’s operating license, with an urgent letter to the municipality and the South Aegean Region. It was preceded by the finalization of the decision of the Central Urban Planning Council (KESYPOTHA), which finalized the conclusion/autopsy report of the environmental inspectors (with the exception of some small areas).

As expected, Principote’s side will immediately launch into the counterattack. “We find KESYPOTHA’s decision illegal. He has misrepresented the law and ignored any of our claims.” states in “K” the company lawyer, michalis farandos. “We will exhaust all legal means to prevent Principote from being suspended. Right now, 700 people are at risk of losing their job.”

In addition to the suspension of the operating license, according to the recent law 5037/23, the completion of the finding by KESYPOTHA mobilizes a sanctioning procedure, which includes the declaration of arbitrary constructions in demolition, the initiation of criminal actions, etc.

demolition preparation

Meanwhile, according to information from “K”, the preparation of the demolitions in Mykonos is also advancing, under the supervision of the Aegean Prosecutor of Appeals, Mr. Tsorbatzoglou. The Syros Construction Service (to which Mykonos belongs) is currently examining the “old” demolition protocols on coasts and beaches, which have been finalized in previous years. However, what has been proven by other similar cases in the past (for example, in Schinias, see “K” 19.1.2016) is that often, when services go to demolish an arbitrary structure, they find that the arbitrary ” arose” at the time it was first recorded. If the difference is large, then in order to demolish the arbitrariness it will have to be recorded again, which, however, “resets the counter” of the procedure, since the new autopsy report must also be final. In any case, the demolition protocols related to Mykonos do not refer to major urban violations.

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