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Although Windows 11 now runs on all supported devices, it still needs a lot of optimization. And Microsoft is making constant efforts to improve the performance of its Windows 11 operating system.

Although the operating system offers all the tools you would need to optimize the performance of Windows 11, it still feels less. As a result, it is discovered that Microsoft is developing a new PC manager app.

Microsoft’s new PC Manager app has already launched in the Chinese PC market, but you can get it in any region. This article will discuss Microsoft PC Manager and how to use it.

Download Microsoft PC Manager on Windows

Microsoft PC Manager has been released as a public beta in select markets. However, since it is still in beta testing, you can expect some bugs and glitches while using the program.

The tool aims to quickly improve the performance of your Windows PC by disabling certain processes and programs. You also get a Health Check tool, storage management, and resource management tools with Microsoft PC Manager.

1. To download Microsoft PC Manager, visit this Web page and click on the Free download button. This will immediately begin downloading Microsoft PC Manager to your device.

Free download

2. Once downloaded, you need to run the MSPCManagerSetup.exe proceedings. Next, accept the End User License and click the Install button.


3. Now follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

on-screen instructions

That is all! This is how you can download and install Microsoft PC Manager on Windows 11 or 10.

Features of Microsoft PC Manager

Well, Microsoft PC Manager is very similar to CCleaner for Windows. You can boost your PC’s performance, check device status, manage storage space, end resource-hogging apps, and more. These are the key features of Microsoft PC Manager.

1. Increase the performance of your PC

Increase the performance of your PC

Microsoft PC Manager has a dedicated section to boost PC performance. You need to launch the app and click on the Boost button.

Clicking the Boost button will immediately delete all temporary files and free up storage space. It will also stop resource hogging apps running in the background.

So, if you don’t know if something is slowing down your PC, you should open Microsoft PC Manager and click the Boost button. Doing so will free up about 20% of storage space and resources.

2. Health check

health check

Health Check is another one of the best features of Microsoft PC Manager. This tool finds junk files, Windows cache, system logs, and recent file lists. It also tells you about possible problems.

Aside from that, the feature also suggests programs that you can safely disable from Start.

3. Storage Manager

storage manager

Microsoft PC Manager Storage Manager can find app leftovers, cache files, recycle bin files, etc. It can drill down into your HDD/SSD and suggest a cleaning recommendation.

Storage Manager lists large files, leftover files, and Storage Sense. The app then pulls the data from your computer’s Storage Sense feature.

4. Process Management

process management

You may find Process Manager useful if you don’t want to rely on Task Manager to find and stop resource-hogging applications.

Process Management is a part of Microsoft PC Manager, which shows applications that frequently consume RAM. It effectively scans all apps and processes running in the background and prompts you to end unused processes.

5. Start apps

startup applications

As mentioned above, the new PC Manager for Windows 10/11 also includes a startup optimization feature.

Microsoft PC Manager startup manager effectively scans and finds applications that slow down startup speed. After finding such applications, it prompts you to disable them from startup to speed up the boot process.

6. Security and Updates

Security and Updates

The Security & Updates section of Microsoft PC Manager tells you if there are any pending Windows updates.

The security tool also includes MSRT to find hidden malware and viruses. It also has a browser protection feature, but it’s limited to Chrome and Edge.

So this guide is all about downloading Microsoft PC Manager for Windows 10/11. The new tool is useful as it optimizes your PC for better performance.

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It is an all-in-one tool for the Windows operating system, but it is mainly aimed at Chinese users. Also, the tool has some bugs and glitches that many might find frustrating. So what’s your take on Microsoft’s new PC Manager? Let us know in the comments below.

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