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By | May 9, 2023

The Ministry of Environment and Energy (YPEN) gave the green light to the “megaproject” of the new Central Station for Interurban Buses (KSYL) in Eleonas. In particular, the environmental conditions for its execution and operation were approved by the Directorate of Environmental Licensing (DIPA), “erasing” one of the pending issues for the execution of the long-awaited project that is included in the great renovation plan of the Area of Eleonas, together with the new Panathinaikos stadium in Botanikos as part of the Double Redevelopment.

Thus, the way is open to determine if the project, with a budget of more than 100 million euros, will be executed as a PPP or as a concession and to announce, after the elections, the tender for the construction of the new station. to announce the contractor at the end of the year.

Development of shopping centers in Elliniko with funds from AMK of LAMDA

The new Central Intercity Bus Station is planned to be built on an area of ​​66.4 acres, within Aigaleo Municipality, in an area surrounded by the side road of the Athens-Lamia National Highway (Kifissou Avenue), the Holy Way and the streets of Agia Anne and Pieria. It will replace the two existing Intercity Bus Stations (Liosion and Kifissos) and will be a terminal station and a transfer hub, serving both national intercity buses and international transport buses.

The KSYL building complex will be built on the site of the existing Attiko Metro depot and is estimated to serve more than 40,000 passengers per day, ie around 15,000,000 passengers per year. The new structures will be built for the most part as a height addition to the pre-existing warehouse construction and expansion.

In addition to the Passenger Arrivals and Departures halls, the ticket office and the baggage handling area, the design foresees a hotel with a capacity of 90 spaces, long-stay parking spaces, but also express parking, rest areas for drivers, an exhibition hall and conference center and other office, commercial, etc. uses.

According to AEPO, the final design of the project should include charging infrastructure for buses and electric taxis in sufficient numbers, as well as parking spaces for electric vehicles with fast chargers.

As an exception, 27.80 meters from the hotel

Especially with regard to the hotel, after the approval of the Central Architecture Council (KESA), a height deviation beyond the maximum allowed for the area (19 meters) is foreseen and it can be developed up to 27.80 meters. Likewise, an increase in the volume factor of the building that will house the hotel and parking spaces is expected, from 5.5 to 6.4, due to the special function of the building.

Among the main design objectives is also the achievement of a “near zero energy building” (nZEB) character. In addition, since the project is adjacent to Kifissos, the station is expected to be built to the highest specifications so that all facilities and infrastructure are resistant to heavy rains and local flooding events. Among other things, the design includes the construction of an underground tank for flood protection and rainwater collection.

Mandatory recycling and antiquity protection

In operation, the new station must comply with the obligations to classify waste at the source of the four streams (glass, plastic, metals, paper), packaging materials, bio-waste (food waste and waste from green works) and other streams of recycling. . In addition, the project operator must prepare an appropriate environmental monitoring program and coordinate its implementation, in order to monitor the implementation of environmental conditions related to its construction and operation.

In addition to environmental protection, the AEPO also provides conditions for the protection of cultural heritage. Thus, it establishes that all necessary measures must be taken to avoid any alteration or adverse effect on the monument designated by the Ministry of Culture at Agia Annis 30 street of the Artificial Silk Company “ETMA”. For this reason, the final architectural studies of the project or other particular studies will be submitted to the competent services of the ministry for approval.

Also, among other things, the planned parking area on Agios Panteleimonos street should be removed at a sufficient distance from the post-Byzantine Agios Panteleimonos naydrium, so as not to affect the surrounding area of ​​the monument.

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