ELSTAT: Inflation fell to 3% in April

By | May 10, 2023

Inflation fell to 3% in April, according to ELSTAT data.

According to ELSTAT, inflation fell to 3% from 4.6% in March.

Food inflation is 11.4% higher than in April 2022, but it is the first time in a long time that it has fallen since the previous month (March 2023).


In particular, in one year there were revaluations in:

Bread and cereals (13.8%), Meat – general (12%),

Fish – generally (4.5%),

Dairy and eggs (19.1%),

Oils and fats (16.2%),

Vegetables – general (6.2%),

Sugar – chocolates – sweets – ice creams (11%),

Other foods (14.6%),

Coffee-cocoa-tea (12.1%),

Mineral water – soft drinks – fruit juices (8.5%)

Alcoholic beverages – not served (10.1%).

There were also price increases in:

Clothing and footwear (5.6%),

Residential rentals (3.8%),

Home repair and maintenance (5.3%),

Public services (2.1%),

LPG (11%),

Solid fuels (29.6%),

Furniture and decorative items (7.7%),

Appliances and repairs (7.4%),

Glassware – tableware and household utensils (7.2%),

Items for immediate household consumption (16.3%),

Household services (7.6%),

Pharmaceutical products (13.9%),

Medical products (2.2%),

Medical-dental and paramedical services (5.2%),

Hospital care (1.6%),

New cars (7.6%),

Used cars (10.5%),

Mopeds – motorcycles (7.3%),

Auto parts and accessories (12.2%),

Maintenance and repair of personal transport equipment (5%),

Transport of passengers by taxi (32.9%),

Passenger transport by plane (34.1%),

Passenger transport by ship (11.2%),

Leisure and durable cultural goods (4.7%),

Small leisure items – flowers – pets (6.2%),

Cinemas-theaters (5.6%),

Stationery and drawing material (7.3%),

Vacation package (10.9%),

Primary education (2.6%),

Secondary education (2.7%),

Restaurants-pastry-cafés-canteens (7.9%),

Hotels- motels- inns (22.2%),

Hairdressers and personal care stores (4.5%),

Other types of personal care (10.4%),

Health insurance premiums (5.7%)

Vehicle insurance premiums (3%).

where prices fell

Electricity (29.9%),

natural gas (25.1%),

Heating fuel (20.7%),

Fuels and lubricants (7.4%)

Telephone services (1.8%).


Between April and March of this year, energy prices continued to decline to

Electricity (0.5%),

Natural gas (13.4%)

Engine oil (3%).

There was an increase in heating fuel oil (6.3%) due to the elimination of the favorable disposal regime, and in gasoline (1.1%).

For their part, price increases continued in Bread and cereals (0.3%), Beef (0.9%), Olive oil (1.7%), Sugar-chocolates-sweets-ice creams (1.5 %), Solid fuels (6.3%), Medical – dental and paramedical services (3.1%), durable leisure and cultural goods (3.1%), restaurants-canteens-cafeterias-canteens (1.4%) , hotels-motels-inns (11.8%), hairdressers and personal care stores (1%) and vehicle insurance premiums (3%).

According to ELSTAT, the increase in the general consumer price index in April came mainly from the variation in the following groups of goods and services:

1. Of the increases of the indicators by:

*11.4% in the “Food and non-alcoholic beverages” group, due to price increases mainly in: bread and cereals, meat (general), fish (general), dairy products and eggs, oils and fats, vegetables (general), sugar – chocolates – sweets – ice creams, other foods, coffee – cocoa – tea, mineral water – soft drinks – fruit juices.

*4% in the “Alcoholic beverages and tobacco” group, mainly due to the increase in the prices of alcoholic beverages (not served).

*5.6% in the “Clothing and footwear” group, due to price increases in clothing and footwear.

*10.9% in the “Durable goods – Household items and services” group, due to price increases mainly in: furniture and decorative items, electrical appliances and repairs, glassware – tableware and household items, household items for immediate consumption , home services.

*6.5% in the “Health” group, due to price increases mainly in: pharmaceutical products, medical products, medical, dental and paramedical services, hospital care.

*1.4% in the “Transportation” group, mainly due to price increases in: new cars, used cars, mopeds-motorcycles, auto parts and accessories, maintenance and repair of personal transportation equipment, taxi passenger tickets , plane passenger transport tickets, ferry passenger tickets Part of this increase was offset by the decrease mainly in the prices of fuels and lubricants.

*3.7% in the “Leisure-Cultural Activities” group, due to price increases mainly in: durable leisure and cultural goods, small leisure items – flowers – pets, cinemas – theaters, stationery and design material, vacation package .

*2.2% in the “Education” group, mainly due to price increases in: primary education rates, secondary education rates.

*8.5% in the “Hotels-Cafes-Restaurants” group, mainly due to price increases in: restaurants-canteens-cafeterias-canteens, hotels-motels-inns.

*6.4% in the “Other goods and services” group, mainly due to price increases in: hairdressers and personal care stores, other personal care items, health insurance premiums, vehicle insurance premiums.

2. From the reduction of the index by:

*13.4% in the “Housing” group, mainly due to the decrease in the prices of: electricity, natural gas, diesel for heating. Part of this increase was offset by price increases mainly in: home rentals, home repair and maintenance, public services, LPG, solid fuels.

*1.8% in the “Communications” group, mainly due to a decrease in the prices of telephone services.

At the same time, the general index increased 0.6% in April compared to March of this year, compared to the increase of 2.1% registered in the corresponding comparison of the previous year.

Regarding harmonized inflation, it increased 4.5% in April this year compared to April 2022, against an increase of 9.1% registered in the corresponding comparison of 2022 with 2021. Between April and March, the harmonized index presented an increase of 1.1%, compared to an increase of 2% registered during the corresponding comparison of the previous year.

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