ENFIA: The Greeks own 769.4 billion euros in real estate

By | May 9, 2023

In which areas are taxpayers with large properties located – What does the ENFIA X-ray reveal in the 13 regions of the country?

The “barrier” of 769,000 million euros was broken by the value of properties owned by Greeks, according to AADE statistics revealed by ENFIA in 2023. In 2023, the objective value of properties owned by individuals and legal entities “inflated” by 8.1 billion euros compared to 2022, while if the comparison is made with 2018, we find that it jumped by 169,000 million euros after the readjustment of the target values ​​of real estate in 2021.

The AADE data show that 7,178,651 individuals and legal entities currently own real estate for a total value of 769,460 million. euros with the owners living in Attica at the top of the pyramid. The 2,553,186 taxpayers who live in the basin have real estate in their hands for a total value of 408.6 billion. euro. That is to say, they own more than 50% of the value of the real estate they own in Greece, a total of 7,178,651 natural and legal persons and will pay a total of 1,200 million euros or 53% of the total of ENFIA. On average, residents of Attica pay 471 euros in tax for their properties, whose objective value rises to 160,037 euros on average.

The data

In more detail, the processing of the data on the real estate of the Greeks and the new ENFIA carried out by AADE shows the following:

– 7,178,651 individuals and legal entities received an ENFIA settlement

– 1,019,199 owners were exempted from paying the ENFIA. The settlement was zero. Of the specific owners, 1,008,580 are natural persons.

– The tax that 6,159,452 individuals and legal entities are required to pay amounts to a total of 2,268 million euros.

– The main tax paid to individuals amounts to 2,346 million. euro than after discounts of 366,535 million euros and tax exemptions amounting to 45,897 million. euros was “cut” to 1,734 million euros.

– A main tax of 199.69 million euros and an additional one of 334.6 million euros were paid to 74,982 businesses, while according to the data, 10,619 businesses were exempt from paying taxes on their properties. The total amount requested by 64,636 legal persons amounts to 534.31 million euros.

The geography of ENFIA

By regions, the value of the properties and the ENFIA account are structured as follows:

– Attica: 2,553,186 property owners, individuals and companies residing in Attica that received a debt settlement will pay a total of 1,200 million euros. It is about 36% of owners who pay 53.2% of the current ENFIA. Its real estate assets amount to 408.6 billion. euro.

– East Macedonia and Thrace: 338,284 owners with debt settlement have real estate worth €23.6 billion. The tax they will have to pay amounts to 74.09 million euros.

– North Aegean: 3,146,420 property owners own properties worth €11.31 billion. The tax that they ask for amounts to 33,055 million euros.

– Western Greece: The 422,046 owners living in Western Greece have real estate worth 28,450 million euros and the tax they are required to pay amounts to 83,432 million euros.

– Western Macedonia: The 90,309 owners have properties worth 10,141 million euros and the ENFIA that they will have to pay amounts to 34,035 million euros.

– Epirus: The 218,097 owners have properties worth 17,413 million euros and the ENFIA amounts to 43,588 million euros.

– Thessaly: 476,877 owners have properties worth 32,765 million euros. The tax that they ask for amounts to 98,335 million euros.

– Ionian Islands: 163,481 owners have properties worth 16,336 million euros. The tax that they ask for amounts to 49,447 million. euro.

– Central Macedonia: 1,238,689 real estate owners own real estate worth 99,697 million euros, the tax they are obliged to pay amounts to 290,454 million euros.

– Crete: The 417,379 real estate owners in Crete have properties worth 41,228 million euros, with the ENFIA being 121,789 million euros.

– South Aegean: 209,239 real estate owners have real estate worth 25,519 million euros. The tax they are required to pay amounts to 78,705 million. euro.

– Peloponnese: The 402,551 owners who live in the Peloponnese region have properties worth 31,428 million. euros and the tax amounts to 93,471 million euros.

– Central Greece: The 335,415 owners have properties worth 22,955 million. euros and the tax that is required of them amounts to 66,963 million euros.

Source: AT

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