Erdogan came back stronger: he presented Turkish astronauts and put up with the West and the opposition

By | April 29, 2023

His first mission in it space and the Turkish astronaut who will execute it, announced today in a majestic party at the old Atatürk airport or Recep Tayyip Erdoganwho reappeared on stage 4 days later disease of.

HE Turkish president presented on the stage of the technological festival technofest in constantinople Turkey’s first astronaut with the following words: “O Alper Gezeravci, who will go to international space seasonis a turkish pilot hero who has achieved important successes in our Air Force”, while later also introducing him to substitute astronautTuva Dzhihangir Atashever, a systems engineer and works in the field of space launch systems at the Roketsan defense company.

Türkiye’s first space missions will take place at the end of 2023, also announced Recep Tayyip Erdogan. “The time of our astronaut’s rendezvous with space is scheduled for the last quarter of 2023. Turkey’s first manned space mission will stay on the International Space Station for 14 days,” he noted.

the turkish president arrive in the airport ataturk for the festival technology with the first Turkish-made electric car Togg. The car was driven by the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, whom the Turkish president always calls “brother”, while his wife, Emine, was in the back seat.

On the way to the stage, his reporter CNNTurkish stopped the vehicle to ask the Turkish president if he is in good health. “I’m very good,” replied Tayyip Erdogan, recommending the journalist to work even more.

In addition to Aliyev, the Turkish president had also invited Libyan interim Prime Minister Abdelhamid Dbeiba to come on stage with him.

“We have broken the chains of regression”

Recep Tayyip Erdogan once again praised the country’s Defense Industry, which he constantly touts as his own achievement.

“The greatest source of happiness for a politician is to see with his own eyes that his efforts have not been in vain. Today we have here the worthy descendants of the late Ozdemir Bayraktar. We have broken the chains of regression in Türkiye. We have shown that dependence on foreign countries is not conducive to the destiny of our nation.”

Last week Anadolu in Izmir

“We implemented one for one of the high-tech projects. You have seen the developments we have experienced in recent months. The Red Apple took off, the Togg available for sale. The red apple is here. He Akinci (Raider) is here. Boat Anatolo surrendered to the Turkish army. Boat Anadolou will be in Smyrna last week. It’s very important. You understand what I mean…”, the Turkish president said significantly, sending pride of his defense industry to the opposition stronghold Izmir, thus targeting opposition criticism of the achievements. “The domestic fighter plane took off from the runway. The IMECE satellite was launched into space. Gyokbei helicopter took off with our own domestic engine. The Altai tank was handed over to our army for testing. Hur-Jet and ATAK-2 flew. Teknofest is the symbol of all this, ”he said.

The Turkish president then tried to connect he Ottoman and Kemalian historical past to address and voters his opposition.

“You will lead this country in the category of world giants. You will make our dream of total independence come true. First of all, Allah, you will raise the blessed banner that has been passed from hand to hand and from generation to generation for a thousand years. As the youth of this country, they will take up our struggle and hand over the flag to our children. First Allah, you will revive the values ​​for which our heroes died. Together with Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, you will honor the souls of Muhammad the Conqueror, Yavuz, Kanuni and other honorable ancestors who fell to the soil of the Dardanelles. You will walk the path traced by our heroes of Independence, who removed the dirty hands of our country. I see this young man in front of me right now. in this square, I see the victory of our 40 year fight. I see astronauts, inventors, pilots, natural. I see young scientists who will follow in the footsteps of Aziz Sanjar and bring new Nobel laureates to Turkey. They also saw the developments we experienced in recent months.”

Kilicdaroglu and the West in the crosshairs

the turkish president aim also she National alliance and the common opposition presidential candidate, Kemal kilicdaroglufor impious relations with the West against the national interest his Turkey.

“This synergy started to annoy someone. The thriving youth of Teknofest It became someone’s nightmare. In recent days, with her scandalous statements, they reveal the hatred and empathy that has grown in their wombs. One says that it will interfere with Turkey’s defense programs, another that the drones are models, another that the ship Anatolou with two bombs gets clean and another sells our works to American companies. The coalition table has grown. First they said 6, then 7, then 9. But no matter what you do, nothing will come of it,” Erdogan said.

“The candidate of the coalition of Party 9 says ridiculous things in a video released at midnight. He began to reveal the instructions he was given,” Tayyip Erdogan said in his last televised message. kilicdaroglu, which will entrust the old Atatürk Airport to an American company to turn it into an Aeronautical and Space Research Center. “As soon as we come to power, we will turn Ataturk Airport into a center for Aeronautical and Space Studies. This center, named after our Father (ss Atatürk), who taught us that the future is in the heavens, will be the potential of our aeronautical and space industry”, Kilicdaroglu had said a day before.

“(Kilicdaroglu) promised to give our airportheadquarters of the Teknofest, where national technological projects are exhibited, in a American company. The people you met also met me. I said: “There”, and since that day we have not seen them again. It takes courage to invest in Türkiye. Because you have to see that there is a reliable government in Türkiye. You haven’t learned your lesson well. While there are national and national companies in our country that serve our nation and the military, becoming an advertiser for American companies is called a “mandate.” Under the leadership of Kilicdaroglu and his supporters, Ataturk’s party has become the Association of American Correspondents,” the Turkish president said, addressing the assembled crowd and asking: “Young people, are you ready to put an end to all these scenes? of shame on May 14?”

“Your life is a lie. What did you promise and what did you deliver? They would lower the price of water in Istanbul, what happened? Bus fares would be reduced. Ankara too. This is Izmir. Their lives are a lie. We will continue our course with joyful news and new achievements,” added the Turkish president.

at the end of his speech the new Red Apple combat drone, he flew over the assembled crowd with the Turkish president pointing his finger at him proudly.

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