Everything changes in the STASY compensations of the state

By | May 15, 2023

everything changes in grant of transport companies of Athens, as well as the amount they will receive through it state grant will be connected directly achieving specific quality standards and quantitative goalseven from the results annual sample survey in passenger public.

In particular, the amount of the annual compensation may be reduced based on satisfaction or not. the specific ones goalsthan previously will have fixed and refer to the execution of what was agreed routesthe operation of points sale feeeven the implementation specific control number fee. In addition, they will be provided analytically data to parent company OASA for the fines that are imposed to the passengers who They are located without ticket.

The draft contract to be signed between OASA and ARREST (Fixed Communications) in a first phase was already signed by the Deputy Minister of Transport, Michalis Papadopoulos, while in the near future it is expected that the specific goals to be set will be added to the original text, which has been published in “Diaugia”.

What does the contract establish?

As provided in the contract, the total compensation attributed to STA.SY. it increases or decreases according to its performance, calculated based on the Project and Quality Indicators and the penalty/reward system. After each calendar year has passed, the project and quality index values ​​for that year will be calculated. In fact, for some indicators the annual price will result from a price composition of a much shorter period. Any resulting excess will be paid to STA.SY. in equal installments at the end of each calendar quarter of the following year. Any amounts that must be withheld will be withheld in equal installments at the end of each calendar quarter of the following year.

OASA must pay STA.SY., within the first fortnight each month, 90% of the stipulated monthly remuneration for the provision of transportation work, the Commissary Control Operation and the Operation of Commissary Product Distribution Points for this month. After the end of each trimester, STA.SY. submit cost accounting data to OASA in order to settle the compensation paid for the previous quarter. For this purpose, OASA will performed control. Based on the results of the audit, a quarterly report of findings will be prepared.

How will you measure passenger satisfaction?

regarding her quality of provided services Transportation Project, the OASA Performance Monitoring System will be used, which provides measure the satisfaction of the passenger public with the services offered by STA.SY., as shown by a survey of a representative sample of userswhich is conducted annually by OASA The survey will ask respondents to give a score on a scale of 0 to 10 in a series of qualifying questions of the services provided by the Public Transport system and its quality.

The specific indicators will refer

  • Accessibility: Ease of getting on and off the ropes, ease of access for the disabled (if the corresponding equipment works, etc.).
  • Information by the Medium supplied to their stations Underground and electricity regarding the itineraries and the necessary contact details with OASA or ST.SY.
  • passenger service: availability and friendliness of staff, behavior of station/station office staff, vehicle drivers and vehicle ticket inspectors.
  • passenger comfort and specifically the state of the metro, electric, tram and train stations (cleanliness, vandalism) and the operation of the basic equipment (lighting, escalators, air conditioning). The driving behavior of the drivers will also be evaluated based on the passenger’s direction of speed during the journey and their movement up/down, right/left due to sudden braking, acceleration or deceleration of the vehicle.
  • passenger safety of accidents, including criminal acts.

For each of the specific indicators, it is expected that a tolerance margin will be determined taking into account both the knowledge of OASA and ST.SY. on the conditions prevailing in the wider Attica region, as well as the corresponding international experience of best practices. “However, deviations from the margin of tolerance will result in reductions or increases in the annual amount of compensation received by STA.SY. for the execution of the Transportation Project”is expressly stated.

The contract will include the specifications for the provision of the transport project, that is, the number of routes to be determined, the workforce per job, but also issues related to fares and specifically ticket sales, fares controls, etc

Especially in terms of controls, the index will be about percentage of unit controls carried out, while data will also be provided on the average number of acts of confirmation of infringements and imposition of fines issued per controller per day.

Specifically, STASY is obliged to carry out, at least, the number of passenger fee payment checks determined by the contract, having the right to carry out additional checks. At the end of each week, you must draw up a detailed schedule of checks for the following week.that you must notify OASA

In the weekly passenger fee payment control program prepared by STA.SY, The following will be precisely determined for each control day: the time, the line, the name and surname of the STA.SY employee who will be in charge of carrying out the fee payment control (controller), as well as the stop/boarding station of the controller. It will also provide audit data to OASA on a monthly basis.

STASY will send to OASA detailed data with the results of toll controls (controlled areas or vehicles), as well as all the data of the fines imposed (number of fines imposed, paid in cash and credit, paid in ten days and not paid) . ) .

The general obligations of STASY

Regarding the provision of transport project services, STA.SY. has, among other things, the obligation to:

  • Execute the Transportation Project that has been assigned by OASA and comply with the execution schedule (routes, stops, etc.)
  • Do not make any changes to the Transportation Project schedule except after mutual written agreement of the Contracting Parties. In exceptional cases, due to tasks, events, meetings, extraordinary and unforeseeable marches, you may modify the Transportation Project assigned to you accordingly, with written notification from OASA as soon as possible.
  • Take measures regarding the safety of the passenger public that transports in the context of the assigned Transportation Project and its employees.
  • It is responsible for maintaining its vehicles and the necessary equipment and infrastructure (indicatively: buildings, technical installations, transit substations, etc.), so that the conditions for its safe operation are met.
  • It is responsible for the correct use and protection against vandalism of the toll product validation machines, as well as the Telematics machines inside and outside the vehicles.
  • It has the necessary and necessary personnel for the provision of the assigned Transportation Project (eg drivers, maintenance personnel, regulators, supervisors, station managers, workshop managers, etc.).
  • – It trains its electric drivers in driving behavior programs in a) driving safety and b) saving energy during the execution of the transport project.
  • – Operates the points of sale of commissary products. All valid fare types charged to multiple paper tickets and cards (anonymous – personalized) may be sold and recharged at fare product sales points. New personalized cards can only be issued at certain points.

Transactions at the Product Dispensing Points can be made either in cash, or using a credit or debit card or prepaid devices for the sale and recharge of electronic tickets, which will remain operational and activated during the operation of the Points Commissioner. of Dispensing of Products of ST. SY The company must publish detailed tables with the relevant information on its official website, which must be renewed and updated with each change in the regular programming and have contact numbers where citizens can communicate and inform the OASA information center 11185.


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