felipe escudero’s crystal city rises like a glacier in the metaverse

felipe escudero’s city of glass enters the metaverse

Crystal City, the newest destination in the metaverse, is now open to the public. Its central crystalline tower, at 548 feet, is the tallest multi-purpose building in Decentraland, a leading metaverse platform. Designed by Felipe Escudero Studio For LEDY, a leading metaverse developer, and Decent Amusements, the district administrator, Crystal City breaks the limitations of the contemporary physical world. By defying gravity and material properties, it offers a transcendent and immersive experience that can only exist in the digital world.

The 16-acre project will house offices, shops, galleries and events, as well as Decentraland’s tallest observation deck, giving businesses, retailers and creators the opportunity to lease space in the towers, market and shopping area. events. Brands can also lease open plots to develop their own unique headquarters structures.

images courtesy of Estudio Felipe Escudero and LEDY

a central multipurpose tower gushes up and out like a glacier

Crystal City’s soaring glass-like metal tower leaps up and out like a glacier rising from its iceberg bed with the observation deck surrounding one of the tower’s branches on the 16th floor. A great space for public events the size of two football fields it forms the base; its series of cuts closely resembles the cracks found in glaciers. Located in the center of the event space is GEM, a two-story tall, organically shaped sculpture by Escudero (see more here) that can serve as a community gallery space.

felipe escudero's city of the metaverse sprouts like glacier crystals in decentraland

rising like a glacier from its iceberg bed

Within the public events area is a market, the floor of which gives the illusion of a thin layer of shimmering water. Above it hangs a ceiling of wafer-thin ice that defies gravity and floats like a spaceship. As the open market is built and rises with new space for retailers and other tenants, the roof ice will melt to accommodate the growth, a nod to what is happening in our physical world, where glaciers melt before the climate change. , but without consequences for the earth and its inhabitants.

felipe escudero's city of the metaverse sprouts like glacier crystals in decentraland

organic shapes take over the overall design

design an affordable destination that sparks creativity

While the packages in DecentralandOne of the largest and most well-known metaverses, normally having to be purchased for thousands of dollars, Crystal City will allow artists, creators, and businesses to lease space at affordable prices. Developers and tenants can use their imaginations to create their own fantastic spaces.

Having fallen in love with Crystal City while designing it for LEDYFelipe Escudero will house a studio and gallery in a structure of his own design that resembles a huge floating glacier near the towers. Gallery OBIO will showcase Escudero’s recently launched OBIO projects that mix music and video with fashion and objects, and will be accessible via teleportation.

felipe escudero's city of the metaverse sprouts like glacier crystals in decentraland

a large space for public events forms the basis of Crystal City

Crystal City’s design is meant to inspire wonder and spark creativity. It will be a major new milestone in the metaverse, and with constant new experiences and events, it will become a destination for social interaction, discovery, and exploration.comments LEDY co-founder Mark D’Andrea.

The presentation of the project took place on October 10; presented, in addition to Gallery OBIO, the next-generation Metaverse fashion brand Diverge, which creates high-end wearable devices and experiences. In November, Crystal City will also feature an incarnation of the Sunset Strip metaverse, including designs inspired by the world famous Whiskey-a-Go-Go and Rainbow Bar & Grill. You can enter and discover Crystal City HERE.

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