FIFA 23 career mode: the best teams to manage

fifa23 is the latest in EA Sports’ popular soccer franchise, and one of its best features is the career mode. This allows you to choose any club in the game, or even create your own, and lead them to glory, choosing teams, making transfers and doing things your way.

But which club should you manage? With over 700 teams to choose from, it can be overwhelming. Fear not, we’ve analyzed every club in the game to find five that will create careers that are as exciting as they are unusual. Whether you want to start small or rely heavily on youth, these are the best teams to manage on fifa23.

If you are looking for some useful fifa23 tips for beginners, we have a guide for that. We also have a complete fifa23 career mode guide if you want to dig deeper.

The road to glory: Barrow

The eternal lure of fifaCareer mode is your ability to craft stories of your own creation. Seasons turn and change, rivals rise and fall, new star players emerge – all of this helps make each race uniquely yours.

One of the best ways to create a memorable story in career mode is to embark on a “road to glory” journey. Usually this involves taking a very low rated team and taking it to trophies and success. In fifa23the best team for the job is Barrow in League Two, the fourth level of the English football pyramid.

Being in such a low division means you’ll have to push yourself for several seasons before you can even think of winning the nation’s highest honour, the Premier League trophy. Not only that, but Barrow has the lowest budget in League Two, which makes his task even more difficult. Fortunately, the board is very lenient, as well as expecting you to control spending by keeping an eye on the club’s finances. Take them to the top and the glory is all yours.

Most Forgiving Board: RFC Seraing

A screenshot from FIFA 23 showing the RFC Seraing information board.

Achieving success for your team, both on and off the pitch, can be quite difficult at the best of times, but add to that a list of unreasonable demands from the club board, and the pressure mounts another notch or two. .

In fifa23Each club has a set of board requirements covering national success, continental success, brand exposure, financial performance and youth development. If you want a relaxed race with little pressure from the board, you’ll want these requirements to be as low as possible, and they’re no lower than at RFC Seraing in the Belgian Pro League.

In all categories, the board’s expectations are “very low” (lowest possible score). That means there will be minimal interference in his career, and the expectations the board sets shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve. On top of that, the team is in a competitive league, so it should remain interesting as you expand the club. If you want a race where you can take it easy, this is the gear to try.

The toughest board: Boca Juniors

A screenshot from FIFA 23 showing the Boca Juniors information board.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, you have Boca Juniors. A far cry from RFC Seraing, this club has the toughest and most demanding expectations of any club in the game. If you want a real challenge, you’ve found it.

domestic success? Critically important. mainland success? That’s critically important, too. Brand exposure and youth development? You’d better believe they’re critically important. The only respite is the club’s financial targets, which are rated ‘high’ rather than ‘critical’. Not much respite after all, then.

By the way, the expectations of the Boca Juniors board are the same as those of their archenemy, River Plate. However, we chose Boca Juniors here because they have a lower budget. We wouldn’t want things to be too easy now, would we? Keep this board happy and you’ve accomplished something remarkable.

The youth-only challenge: SC Freiburg II

A screenshot from FIFA 23 showing the SC Freiburg II information board.

Securing the future of your club is as important as any victory on the pitch, and in fifa 23, that is best represented by scouting and developing young players. If you want to make that the centerpiece of your career, why not try a youth-only challenge where your only hire may be from your own youth academy? If you can’t attract outside talent, you’ll be embarking on a challenging career that can be immensely rewarding.

One of the best teams to pick for this is SC Freiburg II in the German 3rd League. On the one hand, this team is SC Freiburg’s B team from the Bundesliga. That immediately creates some knowledge for you to exploit. Since real-life SC Freiburg II is primarily a development team, it makes sense that you should only recruit young players.

On top of that, board expectations play into this as well. Most goals are rated “very low” in importance, and the financial return is set to “medium.” Youth development, however, is critically important. The good news is that the low domestic goals give you time to build the team and create a long-lasting project without the pressure of trophy demands. It’s time to explore!

Smallest budget: UCD AFC

A screenshot from FIFA 23 showing the UCD AFC info panel

These days, the world of football is dominated by wealthy clubs wielding untold financial resources with which they dwarf their rivals. Manchester City, Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain – all these clubs and more could buy whoever they wanted without a second thought.

In fifa23, wielding that kind of power can quickly get boring. If you really want to prove your worth with minimal resources, take the helm of Irish club UCD AFC. At just over $700,000, they have the lowest budget of any club in the game, which means you’ll sadly be restricted as to who you can buy to upgrade the club.

Not only that, but the Irish league doesn’t have a very high reputation in the game, which means it will be hard to convince players to join, even if you can afford it. The best thing to do is look for cheap young players and hope that a lucky cup will bring you a hefty windfall. If that kind of challenge sounds good to you, this is the team to go for.

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