Fred McGriff Validation Contrasted By Bond Doom, Clemens

SAN DIEGO – Sixteen people walked into a room Sunday to decide whether Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens or Fred McGriff, among others, should be inducted into the Hall of Fame. They came away with unanimous agreement that McGriff belongs and overwhelming agreement that Bonds and Clemens don’t. Welcome to Judgment Day, not just of a moment but of an era.

The Hall of Fame Baseball Contemporary Era Committee fixed the most egregious mistake of the past decade by writers with the choice of McGriff. Never able to get 40% of the vote in 10 tries on the writers’ ballot, McGriff won the vote of every man and woman in that room, a rarity on such committees that even Bud Selig couldn’t.

The clean sweep pointed out the folly of most writers to never get behind a player who came to the plate more than 10,000 times and posted an .886 OPS. Only 14 other players who made it to a Hall of Fame ballot, and not connected to PED, hit as well for this long and all of them were inner circle Hall of Famers.

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