Friday evening news roundup: Latest headlines from the Telegraph

Goodnight. As the cold snap hits, southern England could see four inches of snow this weekend. We’ve got the latest weather warnings, the fallout from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Netflix show, and much more. That’s all after the headlines…

Evening Briefing: Today’s Essential Headlines

UK weather | Almost four inches of snow could fall across southern England in a matter of days, potentially causing travel chaos. Britain will see at least seven days of arctic weather, in which temperatures could drop as low as -10C, with winter showers and “freezing fog”. The Met Office today issued a yellow snow and ice warning for London and south-east England on Sunday and Monday after identical warnings in other parts of the country. See the latest forecast and images of parts of Britain covered in snow. As temperatures drop, energy bills rise. Here are nine ways to stay warm at home without turning up the heat.

Police refuse to drive ambulances during strikes

Amid a wave of strikes in the public sector, anger is brewing. The Telegraph may reveal that police chiefs have turned down a request for ambulance service support during NHS strikes, with growing concerns over pay.

crime editor Martin Evans understands that, in addition to a lack of additional resources, there is simmering anger within the police over public sector strikes, with officers fearful that industrial action elsewhere will add to their workload.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said today he would consider “all options” when asked about laws to stop strikes by emergency services.

Finding the silver lining, personal finance editor sam brodbeck identifies why strikes might actually provide some relief.

The Sussexes recorded more than 15 hours of video diaries

It has been revealed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex recorded more than 15 hours of personal footage for their Netflix documentary series.

Prince Harry said he thought it was “really sensible” when a friend suggested he document the couple’s separation from the royal family.

The clip cache formed a key part of the show, which premiered on the streaming service yesterday.

As the world’s media reacted to the first three episodes, the Sussexes were accused of auctioning off their “dirty laundry” to the highest bidder and of “eternal emptiness” and greed. See how the world reacted.

Simon Finchthe award-winning filmmaker, dissects the show for us, explaining why it’s disjointed, misleading, and frustrating.

Y boy kelly has picked out eight weird moments (that you probably missed).

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