Game Army vs. Navy 2022: Uniforms for the 123rd rivalry matchup between the Black Knights, Midshipmen

The annual Army vs. Navy has come up with some memorable uniform combinations over the years, and this year, of course, will be no different. When the Black Knights and Midshipmen take the field Saturday in Philadelphia for their annual matchup to close out the 2022 college football regular season, each team’s sports threads will once again send the world buzzing.

Navy 2022 threads are out of this world, pun very intended. The school released its uniforms for the showdown on Monday and they are dedicated to the 54 Navy graduates who have become astronauts. That is, according to the school, more astronauts than any other institution has produced. You can even buy them here.

Alan Shepard, a 1944 Naval Academy graduate, was the first American to travel to space in 1961 and was one of the first seven NASA astronauts. He, too, landed on the moon as part of the Apollo 14 crew in 1971. His fellow graduate Bruce McCandless II was the first astronaut to perform an untethered spacewalk in 1985.

The Navy helmet will feature hand-painted paintings of McCandless’s spacewalk with Earth in the background. The other side of the helmet will feature the NASA logo.

The uniform, which will be white with red stripes and blue American flag markings, is designed to resemble a spacewalk uniform. The pants will include the NASA astronaut pin given to some of America’s first astronauts upon their return. Players will also wear shoes designed to resemble the boots worn by astronauts during a mission.

Take a look at the promotional video for the Navy uniforms below:

Army uniforms are dedicated to the soldiers of the 1st Armored Division during World War II. This is the 80th anniversary of Operation Torch, which was the beginning of US ground operations in Europe and North Africa. The “Iron Soldiers” defeated the Axis forces in North Africa in harsh desert conditions.

Approximately 125,000 soldiers landed in Algeria and French Morocco in November 1942 in what was the largest amphibious landing in history at the time.

The Army posted a video detailing the uniforms and their historical significance on Monday.

The 123rd Army vs. Navy will be played on Saturday at 3 pm ET from Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. The game will be broadcast live on CBS. Buy the t-shirts here.

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