Google Pixel 6a is a steal for $299 on Amazon today

Apple iPhones may be a little more popular than Android phones in the US, but around the world, Android is king. If you’re an Android person in need of a new phone or maybe looking to make the jump from iOS, you can do a lot worse than Google’s own Pixel 6a, which is hardly surprising given that Google is largely responsible for bringing the Android operating system for the world. One of the best Android phone deals right now is this deep discount on the excellent (and cheap) Google Pixel 6a, which you can grab from Amazon right now for just $299 after a massive 33% discount that knocks $150 off. its normal $449 price tag.

Why you should buy the Google Pixel 6a

Three Google Pixel 6a smartphones in three colors lie face down on a table.

Google is best known as a software company and best known for its market-dominant search engine. However, Google has not been shy about experimenting with the hardware, although some of these experiments have been more successful than others (remember Google Glass?). The Google Pixel line of smartphones is perhaps the most successful of the company’s forays into hardware, generally offering a lot of value and flagship features along with one of the slickest Android experiences you’ll ever get on a mobile device.

The Pixel has entered its sixth generation, and in keeping with previous releases, Google has released a slimmer, cheaper “a” model, in this case the Pixel 6a, alongside its flagship. In our glowing Google Pixel 6a review, we called it one of the best cheap phones of 2022, citing its sleek design, flagship performance, easy-to-use Android software interface, and top-notch camera suite (no pun intended). , as there is no annoying camera notch here).

Google packed the Pixel 6a with some impressive flagship-like features, like a 6.1-inch 1080 x 2400 OLED display (which is admittedly only 60Hz, but we’re not complaining). also a lot at this price) along with the same CPU – Google’s own Tensor chip – that powers the more expensive Pixel 6 models. That means you’re getting flagship performance for nothing approaching a flagship price tag, even if the Tensor chipset does tend to get a bit warm in the hand. The camera module is also excellent, although the Pixel 6a didn’t get the 50MP sensor upgrade that its more expensive siblings got.

Again, though, at this price, it’s hard to look this gift horse in the mouth. The Pixel 6a is already reasonably priced at $449, but with the carrier-unlocked Pixel 6a on sale on Amazon right now for just $299 after a 33% discount saving you $150, this is one of the best Google Pixel deals we have. I’ve seen in the run up to Black Friday.

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