Green light for new KTEL station in Eleonas and new Metro-Suburban station in Koropi

By | May 15, 2023

The environmental conditions for its construction and operation. new KTEL station in Eleonas approved last week by the Ministry of the Environment.

This is the new Central Intercity Bus Station (KSYL) that will replace the stations that currently operate in Kifissos and Liosion and will be built on an area of ​​66,420 m2. (approx. 41,000 m2 will be enclosed spaces), with the building complex built on top of the Eleonas metro station.

Specifically, the construction of four building complexes is planned:

  • Building A houses the car parks/docks for the national KTEL bus lines (on two levels +25.70 and +37.40), the car parks for private cars and the hotel unit that accompanies the station.
  • The Central Building B is the station’s passenger and visitor reception center. Includes the main arrivals and departures hall, service/shop commercial uses, catering areas, Convention Center and Exhibition Halls.
  • Building C houses the parking areas/bus docks for international destinations.
  • Accompanying Building D are the bus parking/pickup areas.

Due to its classification as a “public interest” building, deviations are allowed in terms of height (Building A will reach 27.80 m at the point where the hotel will be built instead of the maximum allowed of 19 m), the factor of volume (from 5.5 to 6.4 for building A due to its height), and in terms of ground level, which will be at a level of 2.60 m.

Among the design goals will be the achievement of character. “Near Zero Energy Building” (nZEB), with an energy efficiency index of the building (air-conditioned spaces) of 139.54 kwh/m² a (consumption per m2 per year). In addition, the bus service station must incorporate provisions for the integration of hydrogen, battery electric mobility and other advanced green technologies.

The construction of the new KTEL station in Eleonas, which will have direct access to the Metro through the adjoining station, as well as the creation of a new starting point for urban buses, has been in the works for years. The Environmental Impact Study was commissioned to a consortium with the participation of the National Technical University of Athens in 2016, while it was submitted to public consultation in February 2021.

At the time, the Vice Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Mr. Michalis Papadopoulos, had stated that the tender was scheduled until the end of 2022, which apparently did not happen. Mr. Papadopoulos blamed the previous government for the delay in the project, adding that the implementation phase of the project plans is expected to last 16 months from the issuance of the relevant planning permission for the construction of the building. And the construction of the project, according to the EIA, is expected to last about two years.

Last October, Mr. Papadopoulos added that the new KTEL station will be named “Constantines Mitsotakis” honoring the former Prime Minister for his contribution to the industry.

New Cercanías stop in Karellas

The procedures for the news from the Athens suburban bus stop in the Karellas area (at the height of the Agios Loukas street bridge, near the Koropi tollbooth), between the Peania-Kantza and Koropi stations.

This is a project that was announced last October and the financing of its study and construction will be made through private donations from a conglomerate of companies based in the area.

Last week, the Ministry of the Environment approved the Technical Environmental Study (TE.PE.M.) of the Karella stop, after it was presented by OSE just a month (!) before. However, the licensing process is considered an easy matter since the project is not located within a protected area (forest, archaeological site, etc.)

As stated in the resolution, the railway station is configured with a central platform that, with fixed lines and escalators, will connect with the overpass, according to the standard layout of the Commuter stations located along Attica Road. The station will have, like the rest of the stations that serve both the Metro and the Cercanías, two contiguous platforms, one for each type of rolling stock with a difference in level of 0.35 m and an inclined plane between them.

At the same time, the extension of the existing technical overpass (bridge) of St. Escotillas to form a deck of sufficient width (width 16.50m). Finally, a grade circle junction is anticipated to be formed, at the site of the existing St. Louka junction with the local/east side road system from east Attica Road.

The project provides for the connection of the settlements of Paania, Karella, Spata, as well as the industrial zones of the area with the Metropolitan Complex of Athens and wider Attica, strengthening the prospect of its further development and, consequently, of jobs.

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