‘Halloween Ends’ Franchise Finale Hints at a Corey Cunningham Spinoff

David GordonGreen Hallowe’en The trilogy spent years carefully unraveling and constructing one of the most brutal fights in all of entertainment history, between Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Michael Myers. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, even infamous part supernatural and ruthless killers like The Shape. I mean, congratulations to Laurie and the folks at Haddonfield for finally ending her nightmare and all, but what about me? How are fans supposed to continue without the ultimate Final Girl versus the insatiable slasher?

Poor me, end halloween — as promised — ends its story… but not without the surprising addition of Corey Cunningham, a new antagonist to complicate the plot and viewers’ expectations.

I’ll admit, I felt a twinge of sympathy watching big bad Michael Myers fight his way through the film, feebly completing his kills while trying to maintain his reputation as Haddonfield’s boogeyman. My sympathy, however, had more to do with his new connection to babysitter-turned-slasher Corey Cunningham (Rohan Campbell).

However, the bold move of the end of the franchise may have gone too far, as Michael Myers in end halloween felt more like a parody version than the horrible, ravenous monster we’ve ever met, with death sequences to die for. It felt almost illegal to sit in the audience and watch the infamous killer come off as an empathetic mentor/father figure.

Does the death of Michael Myers mean the end of Hallowe’en?

With Michael’s body cut up, stabbed, twisted, and disintegrated by a metal shredder, the likelihood of his return is pretty low (luckily for the Haddonfield survivors). But slasher lovers may find a silver lining in the death of Michael Myers with the possibility of a continuing legacy led by trainee Corey (Boogeyman Jr.?). That’s how it is end halloween Truly the end for Michael’s iron grip on the slasher world? Or is this the beginning of a new chapter?

This might be the time to extend my humblest apologies to the residents of Haddonfield; Now may be the perfect time to get acquainted with the real estate market outside of Illinois.

Corey Cunningham’s introduction to the Hallowe’en The franchise begins with a “bang” (sorry I couldn’t help it) when her innocent babysitting job turns into a manslaughter case the town won’t forget. His emotional seething leads to young Roger accidentally falling over the railing of the spiral staircase, ending all chances of Corey’s promising future as a college-bound aspiring engineer. With his dreams dashed and no chance of assimilating back into Haddonfield’s social scene, the town’s outcast heads down the darkest hole there is, and leads into the hands of Michael Myers.

Will Corey Cunningham be the new Michael Myers?

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Unconscious and within reach of The Shape’s secret underground lair, Corey should have been another easy kill for the iconic slasher. However, he was released with all of his hair still in place, a shocking surprise from the violent killer who finds pleasure in torturing the innocent. Instead of dancing praises in light of receiving a new and statistically unlikely chance at life, Corey is intrigued by Myers’ choice. So, willingly, he returns to learn more.

Along with the odd couple in townBeing the two most rejected, Corey finds solace in Laurie’s company, reaching out to her granddaughter, Allyson (Andi Matichak). As if the lives of the two women weren’t difficult enough, Corey makes it his mission to terrorize and play mind games with them, constantly driving them apart. Meanwhile, he begins his own Haddonfield reign of terror right under his nose, bringing Michael ever closer to the object of his desire.

Weather end halloween revealing Michael Myers as more dedicated to hiding than killing, Corey as Boogeyman Jr. is ready and eager to take over from the old man. Coupled with the absolutely riveting shots and upbeat tone of the Halloween costume party dance sequence, this particular scene foreshadows the awakening of Corey’s true nature. As Corey loses himself in the music, dancing alongside the equally amusing Allyson, he throws caution to the wind and unmasks himself from his literal disguise of a scarecrow mask, and theoretically from the mask that made him pass for a low-key introvert rather than the assassin. he wish to be. His transformation turns the scene from a magnificent sequence of youthful fun into an ominous warning that leaves the audience in shocked silence.


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How could the franchise continue beyond end halloween?

In the long-awaited and exciting finale, Laurie and her granddaughter finally defeat the Boogeyman and Boogeyman Jr., leaving the audience relieved and overjoyed.

Corey’s first attempt to kill Laurie ends when she gets the upper hand. In a desperate attempt to regain her sense of power, she stabs herself in the throat. But while this almost ended the bond between Laurie and Alyson for good, it didn’t kill Corey. Shortly after, his mentor’s assassin deals the final blow, snapping his neck to end his suffering.

The vague open ending of Corey’s “elimination” felt eerily familiar to Michael and his number of near-death scenes. He raises the question of whether or not Corey is really dead, especially noting the possibility of supernatural elements lying within the sickly evil. If Michael has risen from the dead before, and far worse than a blow to the neck, can we expect a similar resurrection from Corey?

Boogeyman Jr.’s penchant for Myers-level infamy may have seemed short-lived. But it could just be a new beginning. If the movie’s insinuation of Michael Myers’ evil as a contagious disease is true, viewers might anticipate the possibility of a newer and even more horrifying slasher taking up the mask. If not Corey, there could be another one who is just as susceptible to the infectious evil perpetuated by Michael Myers. Could Michael’s death lead to the birth of evil-tainted slashers waiting to take his place? Or a town filled with multiple supernatural killers?

A word of advice if I may: David Gordon Green should start looking for support group options for the citizens of Haddonfield sooner rather than later!

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