Handel Architects designs the third tallest tower in Los Angeles, ‘Angel’s Landing’

‘angel’s landing’ to land on bunkers hill

Handel Architects Unveils Design for ‘Angels Landing’, Soon to Feature the Third Tallest Building in the Angels. The development will have two mixed uses towers — the lowest 494 feet (150 meters) and the highest 854 feet (260 meters) over sixty-three stories.

The mixed-use project will delineate the Bunker Hill neighborhood of downtown Los Angeles while opening up generous public space at street level. will enter 432 Residential units, including affordable housing, two hotels, commercial space, and 50,000 square feet of retail. Angels Landing will transform the site that recently served as a temporary ‘Angels Knoll’ park. In addition, the development will include a multi-level plaza that integrates the 1901-built ‘Angel’s Flight’ streetcar.

images courtesy of Handel Architects | @handelarquitectos

marking the downtown skyline

With Angel’s Landing, Handel Architects will reimagine the downtown Los Angeles skyline together with co-developers MacFarlane Partners Y the Peebles Corporation, both minority-owned companies. The project will be the tallest building in the US built by black developers. The group notes that upon completion, scheduled for 2027, the project “will reshape the real estate landscape where urban planning and architectural design merge to form a world-class destination.”

handel architects angel's landinga multi-tiered podium will gradually climb to California Plaza

the stepped square by handel architects

Handel Architects designs Angel’s Landing with a public podium, which will take form as a series of cantilevered floors and terrace levels that gradually ascend to California Plaza, an existing park that will be integrated into the new complex. By connecting the Financial District, the Historic Center and the Cultural District, the ground floor and its immediate surroundings will become a confluence of storefronts and meeting spaces. With thoughtful architecture and landscaping, the design will encourage the fluid movement of people throughout the bustling area.

The team notes: ‘Its impact, unmatched on the eastern skyline, will rival that of Beverly Hills and Hollywood, attracting visitors and creating a new and welcoming destination for Los Angeles..’

handel architects angel's landinga system of vertical blinds will wrap around the facade, with smaller gaps near ground level

a facade wrapped in parasols

The towers will take shape with a series of steel support beams, which will be exposed at ground level where the towers meet the multi-tiered podium. The facades will be wrapped in a system of vertical louvers, shielding the interiors from the Los Angeles sun and passively cooling the space. This matrix will be tighter spaces closer to street level, expressing a more human-scale rhythm. The slats, along with the curtain wall façade, will be interrupted by vertical rows of balconies, emphasizing the verticality of the tower and introducing compositional interest.

handel architects angel's landing
the landscaped square will encourage the fluid movement of people

project information:

project title: Angel’s Landing Tower | @angelslandingdtla

architecture: Handel Architects | @handelarquitectos

Location: Los Angeles California

Developers: The Peebles Corporation, MacFarlane Partners

termination: expected 2027

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