Helen Skelton: Who is the contestant of Strictly Come Dancing 2022 and what is she famous for?

It’s time to put on your disco ball… because Strictly come dance is back for another week.

The hit BBC reality series featured a whole new list of contestants for 2022, including TV presenters, athletes and pop stars.

You can check the full poster here.

Among the contestants vying for the Glitterball trophy this year is Helen Skelton. She is a partner of Gorka Márquez.

But who is Skelton and what has he said about appearing on Strictly?

Skelton, 39, is best known for co-hosting the BBC children’s series. blue peter from 2008 to 2013, and presenting in country file since 2014.

He currently appears on the Channel 5 program. In the farm, and also has a regular presence on radio, having replaced Dermot O’Leary and OJ Borg on BBC Radio 2. The broadcaster was also recently announced as the host of BBC Radio 5’s new live Sunday morning show.

Skelton is no stranger to Strictlyhaving participated in a Christmas special of the show in December 2012, in which she placed second behind JLS star JB Gill.

The stars summer on the farm co-host Martin Hughes-Games recently quipped that the bosses have taken on more than they bargained for in recruiting Skelton to join the show.

“Helen is a bit tricky to work with,” said the wildlife presenter. SunHe added: “She’s a sure pair of hands, but you have to control her a bit because she tends to be a little wild.”

He added: “We have someone from Channel 5 compliance, on set in South Yorkshire, who tells him not to say too many bad things. Although, of course, there is always the possibility that he will.

Skelton with partner Gorka Marquez

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Skelton with his partner Gorka Márquez

(BBC/Guy Levy)

In April, Skelton revealed that her ex Richie Myler had “left the family home” just four months after they welcomed their third child.

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“So sad to say Richie and I are no longer a couple,” she wrote. “She has left the family home. We will do our best to be parents to our young children.” They have been married since 2013.

speaking in front of her Strictly appearance, Skelton said she was “really excited to be involved in a fun adventure.”

She is excited to be”Strictly-fied” (essentially, covered in glitter). “That’s why I’m here!” Skelton said. “I have three children under the age of seven, a very energetic dog, and have lived in a home renovation for the better part of three years, so StrictlyHelp me please!”

In week four, Skelton’s Paso Doble was fairly well received by the judges, who said that she needed more “belief in herself”. Her scores left her with a total of 29 points and she didn’t land in the dance.

The following week, Skelton’s Charleston, performed before the blue peter theme tune, was well received by the judges, earning a score of 35.

This was followed by a Foxtrot of Sam the Sham & The Pharaohs’ “Lil’ Red Riding Hood” for Halloween week, a performance that earned a score of 32.

In week eight, Skelton “delivered the party vibe” with his Salsa. He scored 32 points.

In the quarterfinals, Skelton performed a Couple’s Choice dance to the song “Mein Herr” by Cabaret. He got 39 points.

Strictly come dance continues on Saturdays and Sundays on BBC One.

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