His house in Maroussi is under the hammer (photos)

By | May 9, 2023

She was the negative protagonist of the case with… three years of occupation of your hotelof City Plaza in the center of Athens, in the sense that he was asked to… pay the bill. Having already lost a house in Kastri, she now faces the hammer for the house in which she lives.

The lady’s reason Aliki-Maria Papahelathat without their own responsibility was involved in an unprecedented dilemma due to the consequences of the occupation. Since last year, his residence in maroussias the first electronic hammer struck on June 15, 2022, but to no avail due to a lack of bidders.

For tomorrow Wednesday May 10 the re-auction is scheduled, with doValue accelerated (as manager of “Cairo No. 1 Finance Designated Activity Company”) and with a total first offer price of €461,000.

The hammer is over its three horizontal houses in the “Ilida” residential complex in front of the Olympic Stadium facilities. The complex in question was built in 2004 initially as the Olympic Village for the Reception of Journalists for the Athens Olympic Games and after the necessary reconstructions, it was handed over to its new owners. It consists of 5 pedestrian neighborhoods in the shape of a horseshoe with 3-story buildings and a single park.

According to the seizure report, these are the following horizontal properties:

  • Garage space in the basement of building C02, consisting of a single space with an area of ​​41 m2. (starting price 19,000 euros).
  • Horizontal property C02-Y02 in the basement of building C02, It consists of two rooms with a toilet, an internal staircase that connects with the ground floor, and has an area of ​​89 m2. (starting price 162,000 euros).
  • Apartment C02-I02, in the basement of building C02, consisting of a living room, dining room with internal staircase that connects to the basement and kitchen in a single space, laundry room, boiler room, corridor, 2 bathrooms, wc, 3 bedrooms and terraces, while having an area of ​​154 .m2 (price output 280,000 euros).

According to previous estimates, the apartment C02-I02 communicates internally with the basement building C02-Y02, together with which it forms a single functional unit (in excess of use) of the duplex type, for which the total starting price is 442,000 euros.. The apartment has parts of an open area of ​​83 m2 for exclusive use. and 28 m2 as well as an outdoor parking space of 12.5 m2.

The liens on the property include a pre-notification in the amount of CHF 845,624 (Swiss francs) in favor of Eurobank, registered on February 6, 2007, a pre-notification in the amount of €96,000 also in favor of Eurobank, registered on June 2, 2008, forced seizure for 19,562.33 euros by DO Y Nea Ionia, registered on January 22, 2018 and forced seizure worth CHF 103,874.65, of “Cairo No. 1 Finance Designated Activity Company” registered on November 4, 2021 .

The occupation and the “loot”

The beginning of evil for Mrs. Papahela is located in the occupancy of the City Plaza Hotel, at Acharnon 78 and Katrivanou Street, which began on April 22, 2016 and ended on July 10, 2019, just three days after the national elections.

The hotel belongs to the company “Amazon General Tourist Hotel Enterprises”, of the interests of his family and since 1974 it was leased to Plaza AX. Their collaboration ended, due to non-payment of rent, in March 2010. Since then, the hotel has remained closed, on the one hand due to the inability of “Amazon” to operate it on its own, and on the other hand due to the fact that it was not possible to sell it. and not rent it again.

Given, however, that was the company’s only asset, the owner did everything possible to keep the property in good condition.

On April 22, 2016, a group of 30-40 people, after previously damaging the main entrance and violating it, entered the site with the aim of occupying it to later settle refugees and immigrants there. Since then, and despite their repeated complaints to the Police and other competent authorities, no one intervened to remove the squatters who left… on their own when they decided so.

However, the case acquired international dimensions after the appeal of Ms. Papahela and her “Amazon” company at the European Court of Human Rights, in December 2020.

The ECHR decision mentions the entire history of the occupation, but also the actions of the hotel owner and her lawyer, through which the strange “inaction” of the competent state bodies is highlighted.

The condemnation of Greece

The ECtHR noted that failure of the authorities to take measures to evacuate the hotel from the squatters, although the prosecutor had issued an eviction order, the property fell into disrepair for several years, placing a financial burden on the applicants due to a significant increase in the building’s energy costs.

In the sentence there is, among other things, a special reference to the conduct of PPC and EYDAP, where it is indicated that the solidarity group that had occupied the hotel illegally reconnected the electricity and water supply. Although Mrs. Papahela’s company informed the two state providers in writing about the situation, so that they would not be responsible for any consumption made by the occupants, no one responded.

On the contrary, in March 2017, the company was forced to pay, -with the threat of confiscation of the hotel-a water bill of 81,500 euros, which amounted to €141,990 as of February 12, 2018, plus electricity bills. In turn, the debts with the State for various taxes until June 2017 amounted to 101,885.35 euros, of which 22,000 euros per year corresponded to ENFIA.

At the same time, according to the applicants, The hotel’s net worth due to its occupancy has reportedly dropped from €9 million to €4 million. Also, it is stated that an attempt was made to reach an agreement with the State for the payment of taxes and water and electricity bills that he had accumulated In this context, the State Legal Council was informed in writing, but there was no response.

“In January 2018, Mrs. Papahela received a notification that her personal residence will be seized to cover her debts with the State.”, as well as that he was forced to sell it to pay off his debts, as he emphasized. The decision records his position that he “had to hastily sell his (paternal) house in Kastri below its real value at €1.12 million instead of the €1.85 million that would have been the market price for cover tax obligations and avoid criminal prosecution”.

The European Court of Human Rights concluded that article 1 of Additional Protocol I to the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) had been violated), on the protection of property and decided that Greece must pay the claimants 300,000 euros for lost profits and 2,500 euros for costs and expenses. He also sentenced Ms. Papahela to 10,000 euros for non-pecuniary damage.

As for the hotel itself, as can be seen from the financial statements of the “Amazon” company, it has not reopened since then, as it shows zero turnover, while a temporary order was issued from September 2020 by the Single Court of First Instance. Instance of Athens by which a temporary administration was appointed.

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