Holiday Window Displays 2022: Burning Christmas Pudding, Holidays & More

While food is at the heart of some of this year’s holiday window displays, others have gone for a more glamorous retail theater approach.

fortune and mason

Fortum & Mason’s Piccadilly store has conjured up eight festive window displays, depicting wholesome Christmas traditions to evoke themes of ‘joy and memory-making’.

Designed in-house, each window features extremely detailed scenes, from sending baskets and decorating balls to wrapping presents and making a flaming Christmas pudding. The shop’s charming character, Geoffrey, gropes his way through every scene, accidentally lighting the curtains and knocking dishes off the table, in a playful nod to the chaos of the festive season.

Food is a common thread that runs through every holiday activity, whether it’s the huge Christmas quilt or the basket full of goodies. Mischievous animal characters also appear in the scenes, hiding in the Christmas tree or stealing cheese from the table.

harvey nichols

Taking a more glitzy approach to reflect the party season, the Harvey Nichols window displays feature silver jumpers in sequined jumpsuits, framed by disco ball-inspired panels. From delicate embellishments to a giant silver star, mirror decorations reflect light onto the Knightsbridge street.

Inside the large corner window of the store, a manakin presses its hands against the glass looking out at the passersby. Both dazzling and a bit futuristic, the metallic gold and silver palette and overall look of the windows are designed to draw attention and attention to the store’s luxury gifts in fashion, beauty and food.


Selfridges has also chosen to highlight the power of food, specifically how it brings people together over the Christmas period. On Oxford Street, 15 store windows feature “surreal and spectacular interpretations” of festive foods that were designed in-house.

In one window, a leaning tower of Brussels sprouts shaped like a Christmas tree sits atop a car packed with gifts. In another, mince pies emerge from a giant silver dome, traveling down a green-and-white-checkered path between rows of frustrated evergreen conifers.

Each window features a witty phrase to accompany its content, such as “Brussel sprouts à la car(te)” and “Keep your eyes on the cakes,” and is framed by LED-illuminated greenery.

We’ll be updating this story with more of our favorite Christmas window displays soon.

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