“House Of The Dragon” Episode 10 Interesting Details And Moments


The episode begins with a pregnant Rhaenyra stroking her belly and hugging Luke. At the end of the episode, she loses the two children that she hugs in this scene.


Rhaenyra’s bedroom will look familiar. game of Thrones fans: it is the room that Stannis and later Daenerys use as their council chambers, in which the painted table is placed during game of Thrones.


Speaking of the painted table, although we saw it many times in game of Thronesnever lit up like in house of the dragon.


Earlier in the season, Rhaenyra told Alicent that she didn’t want her fate to be one where she was trapped in a tower having babies. But that is literally what she is forced to do as Daemon and the other men on her council have close, life-changing, kingdom-changing conversations.


Syrax screaming as Rhaenyra gives birth emphasizes the bond between them.


They don’t say it on the show, but the dead baby Rhaenyra has in this episode is her only daughter, whom she names Visenya.


Ser Erryk Cargyll is the knight of the royal guard who arrives at Dragonstone bearing Viserys’s crown for Rhaenyra; he is the same one who helped Rhaenys escape in the last episode and who, as Aegon II’s sworn protector, witnessed the boy’s most heinous acts.


Daemon mentions that he sent for the men loyal to him in the city guard; As you may remember, he was the Lord Commander of the city watch at the beginning of the season, and he’s the one who gave them their famous golden cloaks.


Here’s the status of the dragons as of this episode: The Greens have Vhagar (ridden by Aemond), Aegon II’s dragon Sunfyre, and Helaena’s dragon Dreamfyre.

Rhaenyra’s side has her dragon Syrax, Daemon’s dragon Caraxes, and Rhaenys’s dragon Meleys. Jace has Vermax, Joffrey has Tyraxes, and Baela has Moondancer (Rhaena hasn’t claimed a dragon yet).

The current unclaimed dragons are Seasmoke (Laenor’s dragon, who lives in Driftmark), Vermithor (King Jahaerys’s former dragon), and Silverwing (Jaehaerys’s wife Queen Alysanne’s former dragon), all of whom live on Dragonstone. .


We don’t see it on screen, but Ser Erryk mentions that Aegon II uses a three-headed green dragon as his sigil, emphasizing both his Targaryen heritage through the dragon and his loyalty to Hightower through the color green.


The scene where Otto arrives at Dragonstone and talks to Daemon as Rhaenyra lunges at his dragon echoes the one earlier in the season where Rhaenyra made the same power move on Otto to retrieve Daemon’s dragon egg.


The page Rhaenyra receives from the book is the one she tore out and gave to Alicent in Episode 1. It is about Princess Nymeria, but the content is not important, it is about what the book represents: Rhaenyra and Alicent’s friendship.


Daemon didn’t know about A Song of Ice and Fire means that Viserys didn’t trust him and never saw him as his true and valid heir; he always intended to replace him.


Rhaenyra says that Lord Borros Baratheon will be “honored to welcome a prince of the realm and his dragon” and it turns out he is, only Prince Aemond enters with his dragon Vhagar before Luke.


We saw Baratheon’s seat of Storm’s End earlier in the season, when Rhaenyra was looking for suitors; at that time, Boremund was Lord there, and now Borros is his son.


Yes, that’s a sapphire in place of Aemond’s missing eye.


The fact that Luke and Aemond’s dragons don’t obey them during their confrontation is reminiscent of Viserys’s words at the beginning of the season: “The idea that we control dragons is an illusion.”

What was your favorite moment in the season 1 finale of house of the dragon?

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