How do your workers feel about your workplace? Motivation tells you

Create a work culture of gratitude and connection with the Motivosity employee engagement platform.

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Most business leaders will tell you that juggling quantifiable factors like budgets, production schedules, and deliverables is easier than managing soft factors. Soft factors can make a company and its management deeply involved in the satisfaction and personal commitment of each worker. This requires some delicate alchemy, and Motivosity can help.

Motivosity is all about the soft factors, which can make the difference between an employee who loves their job and workplace and one looking for greener pastures. With Motivosity, companies can help ensure that employees feel valued and appreciated every day, giving the company the best chance of retaining its most important talent.

With its four-pronged approach to streamlining the employer-employee dynamic, approximately 95% of workers engage with Motivosity once it is introduced. And, more than half of workers reported higher job satisfaction scores under the Motivosity system.

Workers are encouraged to start by simply being themselves. In Motivosity’s Connect area, you can create your own social media-style profile, highlighting your interests and hobbies, and even including photos of family, friends, and pets. These profiles also allow co-workers to get together and discuss their shared interests and goals.

With the Acknowledge feature, that camaraderie is elevated to new heights. This feature allows coworkers to praise each other for delivering a presentation, completing a project with flying colors, or just making work a little easier each day. Employees can also support that public recognition with cash, including contributions to gift cards in the recipient’s name to dozens of retailers, including Walmart and Target.

The Lead area gets to the heart of business performance through more effective communication. For example, managers can set up one-on-one meetings with team members, share materials more easily, and collaborate on goals and objectives so work stays focused and directed toward a mutually agreed-upon outcome.

Motivosity also features a host of ways for workers to let their company and their managers know how they feel. For example, managers can run custom surveys and other outreach tools to measure how workers rate their company. The results are tabulated in easy-to-follow reports, so management has real data on what workers like and don’t like.

“I love the ability to give my co-workers a little bonus for doing a good job or helping me,” Motivosity user Steven reported on business software review site G2. “Everyone needs to know they are appreciated, and giving and receiving Motivosity dollars is always a morale booster.”

You can sign up for a free demo to see what Motivosity has to offer and see how its employee engagement tools could work for your business.

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