How to Fix Instagram App Keeps Crashing (8 Methods)

Although the Instagram app for Android is mostly bug free, you may still experience some issues while using it. You may often face issues like Instagram app crashing, Instagram stories not working etc.

The good thing about Instagram is that its problems can be easily fixed. Regardless of whether you use the web version of Instagram or the mobile apps, there are certain things you can do to enhance your experience on the app.

Recently, it was discovered that some Instagram users were having problems launching the app. Users have stated that their Instagram app keeps crashing on Android. Therefore, if you cannot open the application, or if the Instagram app keeps crashing after a few seconds, continue reading the guide to the end.

Fix Instagram app keeps crashing

Instagram app crashing may not always be your phone’s problem; at some point it could be a server related to an outdated cache. If you Instagram app keeps crashing on Androidfollow the simple methods we have shared below.

1. Reboot your Android smartphone

Reboot your smartphone

The first thing to do if Instagram is not working or the app keeps crashing is to restart your Android device.

A simple restart ends all background apps and processes. Therefore, if any process interferes with the functionality of the Instagram app, it will be fixed instantly.

2. Check if Instagram is down

Check if Instagram is down

After the reset, open the Instagram app and continue using it for a while. If the app crashes after a few seconds, you should check if Instagram is down.

Just like any other social networking site, Instagram also occasionally faces a server outage. Most of the app’s features will not work during server outages or maintenance.

To confirm if Instagram’s servers were down, check the Instagram status page on Downdetector.

If Downdetector shows that Instagram is having a server outage, there’s not much you can do here. You need to wait a few minutes or hours until the issue is resolved.

3. Update the Instagram app

Update the Instagram app

If the servers are not down and the Instagram app keeps crashing, you should install the latest app update for Instagram from the Google Play Store.

The Instagram app may crash due to a bug that was fixed in the latest version of the app. Therefore, it is always better to update the Instagram app from the Google Play Store.

Using up-to-date apps also has many benefits; you can use the latest features and rule out security and privacy issues.

4. Force stop and restart the application

You don’t need to force stop the Instagram app if you just restarted your phone. Force Stop is for those who want to refresh processes related to an app running in the background without restarting their phone.

When your force stops an application, its entire process is freed from memory. So you get the same result as a reboot. Here is how to force stop the Instagram app.

1. First of all, long press the Instagram app icon on your home screen and select ‘Application information‘.

Application information

2. On the application information screen, touch the forced stop button.

forced stop

3. This will force stop your Instagram app immediately. Once this is done, launch the app from the home screen again.

That is all! This is one of the easiest ways to fix Instagram app that keeps crashing on Android.

5. Clear Instagram cache and data file

If all the methods failed so far, you should try clearing the cache and data of the Instagram Android app. Here’s how to clear Instagram cache data files on Android.

1. First of all, long press on the Instagram app icon and select ‘Application information‘.

Application information

2. On the app information page, touch the storage usage option.

storage usage

3. On the Storage usage screen, touch the clear cache button. Also, tap on the ‘Delete data‘ if you have no problem logging into the Instagram app again.

clear cache

That is all! This is how easy it is to clear the app cache and data file of Instagram on Android,

6. Check the format of the media file

Convert MKV to MP4 on Windows 11

Although Instagram is a platform that depends on media files, it does not support all of them. You cannot upload certain file formats to Instagram, such as 3GP, FLV, etc.

The app will crash if it tries to load unsupported media file formats. Even if it doesn’t fail, you’ll see some error messages.

So if your Instagram app keeps crashing while uploading a file, check if your file format is supported by the platform.

If the file format is not supported, you need to convert your videos.

7. Reinstall the Instagram app on Android

You really are a bit unlucky if you’ve made it this far. If the Instagram app keeps crashing on your device, you need to reinstall the app.

Reinstall the Instagram app for Android

To reinstall Instagram, long press the Instagram app icon on your home screen and select ‘uninstall‘. This will uninstall the app from your device.

Once uninstalled, open the Google Play Store and install the instagram app again. It is that easy to reinstall the Instagram app on your Android. However, reinstalling Instagram will remove all saved data from your phone.

So if you don’t remember your login credentials for Instagram, make sure you recover them before reinstalling the app from your Android.

8. Contact the Instagram support team

We are sure that Instagram app keeps crashing issue could be fixed if you have followed all the methods. However, if the methods shared below did not help you, you can only contact Instagram Customer Service.

Instagram has an excellent support team that can help you with any issue. You can contact them via message or mail and explain the problem to them.

The support team will consider your feedback and discuss your issue. If the problem is on your end, it will be fixed in the next Instagram app update.

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It’s easy to fix Instagram app keeps crashing. Most of the time, a simple reboot does the job. We have shared all the possible ways to fix an Instagram app that fails to launch. If you need any further help fixing Instagram issues, let us know in the comments below.

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