“I personally support Christina Alexopoulou”

By | May 17, 2023

The need, but mainly the content, of a development shock with an emphasis on the technical sector for the restructuring of the national economy was discussed by the president of the TEE Giorgos Stasinos and the political engineer, parliamentary candidate of ND in Achaia, Christina Alexopoulou.

After discussing the crucial role that reducing tax and insurance burdens plays for development, they focused on specific proposals that can, in a short period of time, with minimal tax costs, simplify the business environment and create new jobs. work for everyone in the technical sector. sector In particular, they referred to:

1. Establishment of a single digital map that will include all the “institutional lines”, data and geospatial information, so that everyone, from anywhere, via computer, with a click on the map, knows what is allowed, what is prohibited, where and on what terms, to do what interests you. At least two years are required to collect 70% of this data on the digital map.

2. Implementation of electronic licenses and all the necessary controls for the construction and operation of any investment. Steps have been taken, such as the electronic issuance of building permits with the electronic system e-adeies of the TEE that has been operational since October 2018, but there are many more steps to be taken, especially in operating permits.

3. Electronic licensing of all businesses in a single phase, with the responsibility of an independent engineer as appropriate.

4. Establishment of the possibility of approving studies and permits at a higher administrative level, when the times indicated by the legislation have elapsed.

5. Application of records of scientists specialized in the approval of permits or inspections, where public authorities are understaffed and unable to respond to the times provided by the legislation, following the successful model of the building inspectors who are now inspecting building projects quickly.

6. Immediate start-up of the Electronic Building Identity electronic system, which is the electronic registry of the country’s building heritage, so that immediately after the completion of the arbitrary laws, we can proceed to spatial and urban planning that will be based on, for the first time, on real data.

7. Electronic interconnection of the land uses of territorial and urban planning with the Business Activity Codes (KAD) of the Ministry of Finance to close the “gaps” of interpretations that oppress citizens and companies.

8. Reassessment of recent provisions for the coast and creation of an electronic system for the declaration and detection of abuses on the coast, in accordance with the laws of seafarers. Only in this way will the State acquire a true image of the illegality and the needs for environmental restoration.

9. Immediate impulse of decisions for the beginning of studies of Local Territorial Plans in all the municipalities of the country with a realistic but brief schedule, so that spatial and urban planning in our country is finally completed.

10. Establishment and continuous updating of an Electronic Registry of Infrastructure Projects (for projects such as bridges, tunnels, road construction, biological cleaning, ports, sewage, water supply, irrigation, flood control, port facilities, etc.) with a detailed record of when a project was built and maintained at a time, who is responsible, who performs the tasks and when.

11. Creation of a complete Registry of Information Infrastructures (hardware, software, web and cloud) of the Public Sector, with equipment registration, role assignment, event monitoring, maintenance planning, load monitoring, etc.

12. Creation of a central registry for the registration and control of operation and maintenance of all elevators in each building.

The President of the TEE Giorgos Stasinos called for these proposals to be promoted and stated:

“It is imperative to get out of the crisis of the last ten years. And that can only be done by creating new wealth, with new jobs for everyone that will generate income. In the effort to restructure the Greek economy in the coming years, people are needed that they know and can solve problems, promote changes, fight with knowledge of reality. That is why in the TEE we support the candidacies of our engineering members: because they have scientific training. This is also the reason why I personally support my colleague Christina Alexopoulou, who has shown with his work that he knows and can”.

Christina Alexopoulou, ND candidate for parliament in Achaia, said about it:

“New Democracy is committed to Greek citizens to do everything possible to create new well-paid jobs and more jobs for all. We believe in simplifying procedures and promoting investments to create new wealth for our country. And this will have a specific, tangible and measurable effect in every corner of Greece, especially in the Region and the Achaia region, which has unique competitive advantages and specialized personnel to support a new cycle of development. With the infrastructure, environment, e-government program and in general the reforms promoted by Kyriakos Mitsotakis and New Democracy, we will achieve the goal of real development for all. With an emphasis on the freelancer and the scientist of all occupations who strongly experienced the absurd policies of SYRIZA. And in this new day that we want for Greece, we want helpers, if not pioneers, the collective organisms, especially the scientists. And the TEE, with its institutional role, can help effectively. I am very grateful to Giorgos Stasinos for his support and I promise that, with the trust of the citizens, I will fight effectively to improve the lives of all of us ”.

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