If you buy something today, let it be this 75-inch TV for $580

Do you need a big screen TV for your home theater setup? With Black Friday deals fast approaching and Best Buy’s Black Friday sale falling early, now is the time to shop. The holiday shopping season is the best time of year to upgrade your tech, and with Amazon kicking things off earlier than usual with its Prime Early Access Sale in October, we’ve already seen some pretty cool Black Friday TV deals. One of the best deals yet is this 75-inch TU690T Series 4K Smart TV from Samsung, which is currently discounted to just $580, a savings of $270 from its regular price of $850.

Why you should buy the Samsung TU690T 75-inch 4K Series Smart TV

Samsung is no stranger to the home theater space. It ranks high among the best TV brands and it’s a name you’ll get used to when searching for the best TVs. Although it’s not a QLED or OLED TV, the Samsung TU690T is a good TV if you’re looking for a big budget. Its 75-inch 4K LED panel is large enough for large living rooms, home theaters, and other spaces where you want the image to fill the room.

The Samsung TU690T is a smart TV powered by the Tizen operating system, putting all the major streaming apps and their content libraries at your fingertips. The TV also supports HDR10+ to let you take advantage of High Dynamic Range for a brighter, more colorful picture when viewing modern media. The TV is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant if you have something like an Echo device or Google Nest smart hub, meaning you can integrate the TV with a wider smart home setup and control it with just your voice.

The screen on the 75-inch Samsung TU690T Series 4K Smart TV is your standard 60Hz panel, but Motion Rate 120 smooths things out a bit during fast-paced scenes like sports or action movies. The Crystal 4K processor can also upscale legacy content, so your old non-4K DVDs and Blu-rays will look smoother and sharper on your TV. It won’t be true 4K, of course (the source medium has to be 4K for that to happen), but it will still look good.

This is a big screen TV and you can often expect to spend well over a thousand dollars on such a unit. However, the 75-inch Samsung TU690T Series 4K Smart TV is only on sale at Best Buy for $270, which gets you this early $580 Black Friday deal right now.

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