In addition to many local stores – the subsidy for changing water heaters and photovoltaics has been “opened”.

By | May 6, 2023

The subsidy for changing water heaters and photovoltaics has been “opened” – In addition to many local businesses, according to the newspaper “Conciencia”. Great expectations of the ministry

The article in detail:

The platform opened yesterday for subsidized solar water heating and rooftop photovoltaics, but the program’s impact on the market is still unclear.

The truth is that due to the hot water tank subsidy, many electricity stores are out of the program, since it is not advantageous to wait for payment, which leaves the program solely in the hands of the chains. In the photovoltaic sector, the electricians are waiting for the movements of the engineers, but, equally, the market has not yet shown the mobility that would have been expected. The photovoltaic subsidy reaches up to 75% for households and 60% for farmers, with a limit of 16,000 euros for households and 10,000 euros for farmers, while the beneficiaries of the program -according to the Ministry of the Interior- will be able to see Savings on the electricity bill that reaches 3,000 euros per year.

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According President of the TEE Etoloakarnania Mr. Lino Bletsa The market outlook and the number of citizens who want to put photovoltaics on their roofs is still unclear. “We as TEE have no relationship with water heaters, but we do with photovoltaics. From my recent contact with Ms. Alexandra Sdoukou, General Secretary for Energy and Mineral Raw Materials, I have the feeling that there is a great interest in both domestic and rural photovoltaics. It remains to be seen in practice, of course,” explains Mr. Bletsas.

The final selection of beneficiaries will result from a combination of economic and social criteria:

-The average annual income per family member.

-Families with disabled members.

-Single-parent families, with at least one dependent child.

-Families with dependent members.

Each beneficiary will receive a voucher, which they can redeem at the provider of their choice. Installation costs are also included in the maximum grant amount for recipients.

Old water heaters being replaced are required to be removed for recycling in order to subsidize the purchase of a new solar water heater. We are talking about approximately 120,000 domestic consumers and in the application you must also indicate the following information:

– the 11-digit power supply number of the house in which the water heater to be replaced is installed,

-that a solar water heater can be installed in your residence and there is no restriction by operating regulations

– the presence or absence of a disabled member in the family,

– a unique mobile phone number to be certified by sending a one-time code (OTP), to be used after any approval of the financing request to send the coupon code, but also for any communication related to the beneficiary.

The potential beneficiaries of the program are domestic consumers who have installed an electric water heater in their residence (and not in a commercial location). Applications are submitted by individual natural persons who were born before January 1, 2006 and permanently residing in Greece. Each natural person can submit only one application. Beneficiaries with an average annual income per family member of more than 30,000 euros are not eligible. It is not possible to submit an application for households that have applied for or adhered to another energy saving program, such as “Ahorra – Autonomía” or “Ahorra 2021”.

What is the ministry waiting for?

At the 8th Delphi Economic Forum held in Delphi from April 26-29, GG from the Ministry of Environment recently spoke indirectly about these programs in relation to geopolitical tensions and the energy crisis as an “awakening”. “The need for Europe and member states to become carbon independent is not a new idea. It is now an urgent need. Everyone now has set targets. What has changed with the Ukraine war is, beyond the climate crisis, also geopolitics. This makes the green transition even more urgent. Green energy is the cheapest we have at our disposal. Fortunately, Europe has many sources of renewable energy and the capacity to manage them. The green transition is the answer to the geopolitical crisis, thus removing a weapon from unpredictable or hostile neighbors. In Greece, we have managed in these four years to implement a large part of the relevant policies.”

As Ms. Sdoukou argued, the first results of the government’s policy can already be seen with RES recording 44% penetration in gross consumption, while the government’s goal is for RES’s total power to exceed 25 GW.

Yannis Sympsiris – Newspaper “Conscience”

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