It concerns you: Attention – The deadline to apply for a solar water heater subsidy on has expired

By | May 17, 2023

solar water heater: The platform for “Change of water heater” on is open, but has an expiring deadline. Check all the latest data on the grant that reaches up to 900 euros.

He program “Change the water heater” has a special appealas it provides the opportunity for thousands of households to energetically upgrade their home with a solar water heater installation at a particularly low price due to the subsidy and invest in saving money in the long run.

In a first stage, of the approximately 3 million interested households, only 120,000 will be able to obtain the desired it is worth to replace the electric thermos that they have. After all, this is one of the basic conditions of the program: To have an electric and uniform water heater with a capacity of at least 40 liters.

However, this does not mean that you should not take the opportunity to express your interest, as long as you meet the basic criteria, even if you are not on the first list to receive the coupon SMS.

As with “Change Device”, gradually more funds will be released and therefore more people will enter the subsidy. You must be vigilant because applications expire, possibly sooner than you expect.

The platform The reception of applications will be open until June 20, 2023 at 3:00 p.m. After that, it will not reopen and you will not be able to apply.

Since, in fact, the market for solar water heaters has taken hold and the cost has increased after the announcement of the program, even if the finances do not work out, it would be good to apply and if you receive the proof. , it is not mandatory to use it.

Changing a Water Heater: Terms and Conditions

The potential beneficiaries of the Program are domestic consumers who have an electric water heater installed in their home (and not in a commercial location), which they wish to replace.

Applications are submitted by individual natural persons who were born before January 1, 2006 and permanently residing in Greece. To apply, a natural person must:

  • You must have a Fiscal Registration Number, as well as valid access codes to AADE’s online services, through which you can identify yourself.
  • Having filed an income tax return (E1) in the 2021 taxable year, either as MANDATORY for an individual or joint return, or indirectly as “SPOUSE/SPONSOR” in the case of a joint return. The related statement should have been deleted.

Any Natural Person can present a single application relating to a primary or secondary residencefor which the following conditions are cumulatively met:

  • It is the applicant’s primary or secondary residence (owned, leased, or rented).
  • It has an active domestic (and not shared) electricity supply, through which the applicant’s residence is identified.
  • It is not possible to submit more than one application for the same residence, from different natural persons.

In the case of families/households with primary and secondary residence, it is possible to submit applications for both residences (Primary and Secondary), provided that the applications are submitted by different Individuals (Owner and Spouse/SSO) of the same household, provided that the other conditions of this section are covered.

Solar water heater subsidy: Beneficiaries by income category

Regarding the income categories, for the calculation of the income categories the average annual income per family member is taken into account. However, priority will be given to the most vulnerable. The income criteria for the subsidy are defined as follows:

  • Annual income below 5,000 euros: the beneficiary falls into the 1st income category. The discount will be 60%.
  • Annual income of 5,000 to less than 10,000 euros: the beneficiary falls into the 2nd category of income. The discount will amount to 55%.
  • 10,000 euros of annual income: the beneficiary falls into the 3rd category of income. The discount will be 50%.

Regarding the calculation of the classification criteria, the following data are taken into account:

  • Detail of the income tax returns for the “reference” taxable year (taxable year 2021), as well as the corresponding income resulting from the act of determining the tax of the same year.
  • Details of disability certificates provided through the disability certification center (KEPA).

Solar water heater: how to apply

The applicant submits an application stating, among other things:

  • the 11-digit utility number of the house in which the water heater being replaced is installed,
  • that a solar water heater can be installed in your residence and that there is no restriction by operating regulations (eg, apartment building regulations, building operating regulations, etc.),
  • the presence or absence of a disabled member in the family, so that a case-by-case comparison can be made with the information from the Disability Certification Center (KEPA) or, failing that, by presenting the corresponding opinion or certificate of a disability certification health committee or other competent authority, which according to the law must still exercise its powers,
  • a unique mobile phone number to be certified by sending a one-time code (OTP), to be used after any financing request approval to send the coupon code, but also for any communication related to the beneficiary. If available, a personal email account can also be declared.

I am changing a water heater: What you should check before the subsidy

In order to subsidize the purchase of a new solar water heater, the recipient’s old electric water heater must be removed for recycling. By participating, each beneficiary of the Program declares the express acceptance of the obligation to deliver the old thermos to the retailer, from whom he also acquires the new subsidized thermos.

In particular, the grant is allowed:

  • New Solar Water Heater to replace the Old Electric Water Heater, only if the old water heater to be removed has a capacity equal to or greater than forty (40) liters.

The water heaters to be recycled must be uniform. Likewise, before they are replaced, they must have been placed in the dwelling declared in the financing application.

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