It looks like the iPhone 15 Ultra could be the toughest smartphone ever

It’s been a full five weeks since Apple released its last iPhone, so it’s about time the rumors began about the iPhone 15, which we’re guessing will arrive in September 2023. And sure enough, the first rumors have started to surface, particularly about the possibility of an iPhone 15 Ultra.

The iPhone 14 didn’t feel like anything radically different from its predecessor. But the introduction of a new member of the iPhone family next year could change things. And it looks like the iPhone 15 Ultra could be a beast of a phone thanks to a new core material. If you don’t want to wait to find out if these rumors come true, take a look at the selection of the best iPhone 14 prices and the best iPhone 14 cases.

The iPhone 14 mainly offered incremental updates (Image credit: Apple)

Ever since rumors began to circulate about the next iPhone Ultra, we’ve been wondering what Apple will come up with to accommodate a new product name, and almost certainly at a higher price. Following the September launch of the Apple Watch Ultra, it’s widely believed that Apple will extend the Ultra name to the iPhone as it looks for ways to boost sales of more expensive products without drastically raising prices in its current range.

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