Kanye says Trump ‘lied about me’ and walks out of interview

Kanye West started another interview on Monday, only to leave 20 minutes later.

Before he left timcast in real life, West volunteered to “go straight to the heart of this anti-Semitic claim,” shot Donald Trump after they had dinner together, and made vague but insistent claims that entities are working to imprison him, possibly for unpaid taxes. The 45-year-old was flanked by white nationalist Nick Fuentes, whose presence at the Mar-a-Lago face-off sent Trump’s team into damage control, and Milo Yiannopoulos, whose past is also fraught with hate speech. . West said he was introduced to the latter by a producer for Alex Jones, the far-right cabal who was recently ordered to pay $1.44 billion in a defamation lawsuit against the families of victims of the Sandy Elementary school shooting. Hook.

At 5:30 p.m., Ye mentioned former Vice President Mike Pence, who said Trump “was wrong to give a white nationalist, an anti-Semite and a Holocaust denier a seat at the table and I think he should apologize for that.”

“Look at Pence,” West said. “He sold out Trump. You know what I’m talking? I would never have wanted to do anything to hurt Trump. I am on Trump’s side. Trump said things that hurt me. He lied about me, but I mean, he’s known for lying. And when people used to tell me that he’s a liar, it’s like, you know, I went to the trenches for Trump. There was no one else in my position wearing that hat.”

After dinner, Trump proceeded to call Kanye “a man in serious trouble” online. “I told him not to run for office, a total waste of time, he can’t win,” the twice indicted former US president wrote. in Social Truth. (In a video summarizing the meeting, West said Trump put down Kim Kardashian and “basically started yelling at me across the table telling me she was going to lose.”)

“I lost my free speech money, and that’s what makes me the only American we know who really deserves to run the country,” West said on the podcast. “Because everyone else, your DeSantis boy, Trump, whoever they raise in a petri dish on the Democrat side, they’re going to play the game.”

Continuing his campaign of misinformation and anti-Jewish sentiment, Kanye said at 7:50 p.m.: “God is using me. He’s tearing me apart, removing everything, you know, the ‘richest person’, all of this, so that he can serve him. And the more and more those things are taken away from me, the more I can be empty and be a container and be used. And right now it’s like… if we can’t, you’re not going to take the pain away, are you? The Jews say, ‘It’s the Holocaust, this happened, and you can’t say anything about it.’ We can’t take away their pain. No one is going to denounce the fact that they tried to lock me up! Because every time I’m keeping up, and it’s like I think I’m Malcolm X, but I find I’m more of an MLK. Because as I get scolded by the press and finance every day, I’m just standing there. And when I found out that they tried to put me in jail, it was as if a dog bit my arm, and I almost shed a tear. Almost. But I still calmly walked through it.”

Presenter Tim Pool responded: “I think they’ve been grossly unfair to you.”

Ye pushed back, “Who are ‘they’, though? We can’t tell who ‘they’ are, right?

After a couple more lines were exchanged, including Fuentes saying “It’s them though, isn’t it?”, West quietly left. He previously warned: “To come here, I feel like it’s a trap to be like, defending. I’m not going to go through another, like I’m literally going to kick F out of the show if I’m sitting here having to, you know, talk about, ‘You can’t say it was the Jewish people that did it.’ When every sensible person knows that, I mean, Jon Stewart knows what happened to me. And they took it too far.”

In one of his numerous comments about the possibility of going to prison, West, who said he had been planning to “buy my own bank” for $50-75 million, recounted: “Someone at CohnReznick tells me, and I tell everyone my finances people never use the term ‘a lot’ but they said ok you will have to pay a batch And that made me feel like they were waiting, like, ‘We finally got him, we can finally put him in jail. And I was like, ‘Can I still run for president in jail?’ I found out I could, so I was like okay, okay then. … I’m talking about literally finding out that they were trying to put me in jail this morning. … They put a $75 million hold on four of my accounts. They said [I owe] about $50 million. Now I’m going to different CFOs like, okay, so this would be tax evasion? Because I’m obviously not the most financially savvy person on the planet.”

Also Monday, Senator Chuck Schumer told the Senate floor: “For a former president to sit and dine with a high-profile anti-Semite is disgusting and dangerous. Giving an anti-Semite even the smallest platform, let alone a dinner audience, is pure evil.”

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