Live stream Croatia vs. Brazil: Watch the game for free

The World Cup in Qatar is reaching its final stages, and this is where the tournament becomes most exciting. As such, you may now be looking for how to watch the 2022 World Cup, and especially the red-hot game between Croatia and Brazil. Brazil sailed through the last round of matches, beating South Korea 4-1, but is likely to face a stronger challenge from Croatia. Croatia finished second in the 2018 World Cup, so Croatia is unlikely to be an opponent the Brazilians can afford to write off. However, you can afford to go full discount when it comes to watching this big knockout game, as there are some great ways to watch Croatia vs. Brazil, including a completely free and legal route.

How to watch Croatia vs. Brazil in the US

If you love getting free stuff (and who doesn’t), you’ll want to take a look at FuboTV’s offer. FuboTV offers coverage of the entire 2022 World Cup via Fox Sports, and you can also get a week’s free trial of the service, allowing you to watch the game for absolutely nothing. You’ll also get access to all the other games in the quarterfinals, and the semifinals too, if you time your free trial correctly. You also get 133 live channels, as well as live recording. It costs $70 a month after the free trial, so if that seems like a lot, you might want to look at other options for more suitable discounts or deals.

SlingTV’s Sling Blue is another worthy way to watch the World Cup. There isn’t an option to get viewership for free, unlike FuboTV, but you can get a handsome discount on your first month of subscription, for just $20. That month will fit in, quite comfortably, with the rest of the Cup matches. of the World, so you can pay once and just sit back and watch all the games. That discount means your first month is less than $3 per game, and it also includes access to 41 live channels, giving you plenty to watch even after the football is over.

If, for whatever reason, you can’t get either of the above two deals, you can also sign up for Hulu + Live TV to watch the entire tournament. Hulu + Live TV shows every game of the 2022 World Cup, but it also comes with access to 75 live channels. Best of all, it also includes Disney Plus and ESPN Plus in the bundle, so while they add up to $70, that may work well for you if you’re also a subscriber to one or both of those services. Even if you’re not, Hulu is still one of the best live TV streaming services out there, so it’s worth considering.

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