Make the photographic dream come true, with the vivo X90 Pro 5G and ZEISS lenses

By | April 30, 2023


Until today we knew about mobile phones destined to bring out the photographer in us, but vivo’s second flagship smartphone, the X90 Pro 5G, arrives to awaken the creative passion not only in those who own it, but also in those who have never been graced with it. of photography. With a 1-inch camera and super resolution that makes even night shots look brilliant, there’s no other way. In addition, the new Flagship smartphone from the Chinese company No1 raises the bar in style and design with its elegant character, while the 2 Dimensity 9200 and vivo V2 processing chips add extra glamor to its technological power.

The technologically superior dual processor promises an immersive gaming experience for all fans of the genre, but most of the attention falls on the photographic perspectives created by the collaboration with ZEISS. How many smartphones can boast of making you an expert in photography, even if you are not?

ZEISS the best photographic experience

vivo’s motto “Photographic Redefinition” suggests that for the X90 Pro 5GRAM photographic innovation is not a choice, but an end in itself. Your new flagship leading manufacturer smart phones in China wants to tell a pioneering story in the world of photography and to succeed he recruited a powerful ally. With leading German company for optical metrics, ZEISShe alive created the ultimate 1-inch camera, with an IMX989 sensor and 77% more sensitivity flexibility, making photography and filmmaking downloads reaching Hollywood resolutionscreating a clear sense of creativity in those who use it.

So strong is the imprint of evolution on photo track in 4K and 8K resolution that even in situations of total darkness you don’t have to worry about the clarity of the content. AI algorithms come to empower them night shots, while video can be 4K even in low light conditions while the AI ​​Night View, with the night color tones are reproduced as accurately as possible to the point where you can see the sky with the stars. Literally.

Elegance that draws you in, billions of lifelike colors

Clearly the specifications have a primary role, but at the same time the alive X90 Pro 5GRAM It can conquer you (also) for its elegant design and great aesthetics, the union of aluminum and solid wood being part of a new daring design that offers a high and above all balanced aesthetic.

his design new X90 Pro 5GRAM is fully in line with professional camera standards, incorporating the rear three cameras in a “Big Eye» while the front face is dominated by modern SCHOTT Xensation® Upii protective glass, which helps prevent broken screens and allows the device to maintain an elegant screen curvature, ensuring high resistance to drops and scratches.

Your presence ZEISS it also has a strong presence here with the natural color display, the ZEISS 2.0 natural color mode, which has the ability to triple protect the eyes from mobile phone radiation. The ability to reproduce 1.07 billion colors on the screen.

“Double” load, doubles the processor

The issue of the battery is a concern that dominates the world of smartphones, but Vivo intends to leave it in the past, even offering two different versions of charging and, in fact, in just a few minutes. In fast charge mode up to 50% vivo X90 Pro 5G can be charged in just 8 minutes and 10 seconds, while it takes only 29 minutes to reach 100% in balanced mode.

However, not only the charging process is doubled, but also that of the processor, which is a dual-chip imaging device for faster data processing. The innovative frame design reduces heat transfer from the CPU to the frame of the phone, allowing for long hours of gaming experience. Behind the powerful processing is the dual chipset configuration, a MediaTek Dimensity 9200 mobile platform, combined with the vivo V2 chip. At the same time, it features 12GB LPDDR5X and 256GB UFS 4.0 storage, enhanced with Extended Live RAM, which adds an additional 8GB of virtual memory.

As you can understand, the gaming experience goes to another level, with the audiovisual sensation causing an immediate “liveness”, as if you were really in the game.

He alive X90 Pro 5GRAM With the unique programming and perspectives it offers, you have every reason to be proud of the innovation you exude at whatever level you’re heading to. With so many specifications, how not to win you over with its gaming experience or its artistic character.

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