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By | May 1, 2023

The matches will begin in Athens from 11:00 in the morning.

The pre-concentrations for your concentration May Day in the Constitution they are set for 10:00 in the morning at the following points:

  • Plaza Kaningos: Federations, Unions and Fighting Committees of private sector workers.
  • Omonia: Federation of Craft Associations of Attica, Associations and Associations of Professionals, Craftsmen and Traders, Federation of Women of Greece, Women’s Associations and Groups, Federations and Associations of Pensioners, mass organizations of the municipality of Athens, South-West, West, Districts Northwest and North of Athens.
  • Propylaia: Public and Private Education Unions, Workers Unions of Universities and Research Institutions, Student Associations, Student Coordinators.
  • Pillars of Olympian Zeus: Unions of Health and Special Education, Unions of ministries, Decentralized and Regional Administration, Unions of municipalities, mass organizations of the Eastern and Southern Districts of Athens.
  • Also, at 10:30 a.m., at the intersection of Alexandras and Kifisias avenues: Food industry distributors and couriers.

How will the means of transport move?

With a 24-hour strike, the employees of the Fixed Track Media (Metro, Electric, Tram) participate in the May Day demonstrations. With work stoppages, bus and trolleybus workers participate in the Labor Day protests.


Metro Line 1 (Lines 2 and 3) and the Tram will be immobilized today, Monday May 1.

According to statements from both the OASA Workers’ Union and the ILPAP Workers’ Union, on Monday, May 1, the buses and trolleybuses will be immobilized from the beginning of the shift until 09:00 in the morning and from 09:00 p.m. overnight until the end of the shift.

Therefore, buses and trolleybuses will operate today Monday May 1, 2023 from 09:00 to 21:00.

City buses are normally expected to run on the routes taken over by KTEL.

Hellenic Train cancellations and schedule changes

According to an announcement by Hellenic Train, the following passenger trains will run today Monday:

  • Piraeus – Airport 1206 1212 1216 1222 1226 1232
  • Airport-Piraeus 1207 1213 1217 1223 1227 1229 1233
  • Liosia- Airport 2206 2214 2222 2230 2238 2246
  • Airport- Liosia 2215 2223 2231 2239 2247
  • Athens- Chalkida 1534 1542 1550 1558
  • Chalkida- Athens 1539 1547 1555 2531
  • Athens – Kiato 1304 1308 1316 1320 1324 1328
  • Kiato- Athens 1307 1311 1319 1323 1327 2301
  • Olympia- Pyrgos – Katakolo 1382 1385
  • Rio-Patra-Ag. Andreas 11302 11304 11306 11308 12300 12302 13302 13304 13306 13308 14300
  • Street. Andreas- Patras- Rio 11303 11305 11307 11309 12301 13301 13303 13305 13307 13309 14301
  • Diakopto-Kalavryta 1330 1332 1336
  • Kalavrita- Diakopto 1331 1333 1337

The following buses will also circulate:

  • Athens – Thessaloniki C57 C60
  • Alexandroupolis- Ormenio C682 C683
  • Thessaloniki-Drama C1631 C1632
  • Thessaloniki- Florina C710 C715
  • Drama-Alexanroupoli C602
  • Drama- Xanthi C670 C679
  • Xanthi-Alexandroupoli C671 C672
  • Thessaloniki-Larisa C1592 C1593 C96 C95 C2594 C2597
  • Larissa – Kalambaka C1561 C1889
  • Larissa – Volos C1576 C1579 C2574 C2575
  • Lianokladi- Tithorea C451 C452
  • Stylida-Tithorea C159 C458
  • Athens- Lianokladi C120 C121

His remaining passenger trains hellenic train nor will the buses that make internal routes within the Network circulate.

Boats moored in ports

The management of the Panhellenic Maritime Federation decided to hold a 24-hour nationwide strike across all categories of ships, for May Day on Monday, May 1.

The mobilization began at 12:01 a.m. on Monday, May 1, and will end at 12:00 a.m. on the same day.

The maritime unions will take part in the strike rallies in Piraeus at 11:00 am, while the seamen’s patrol groups will be present in the ports of Attica and in the rest of the country’s ports.

Traffic rules in Athens

There will be a temporary and gradual stoppage of traffic from 08:00 in the morning while Prohibition of stopping and parking vehicles after 06:00 and will last until the end of the acts in the following avenues and streets as follows:

  • Stadium, in its entire length, as well as in its verticals.
  • El. Venizelou (University), in its entire length, as well as in its perpendiculars.
  • L. You go. Amalia, in its entire length, as well as in its perpendiculars.
  • Ath Diakou, in its entire length, as well as in its perpendiculars.
  • Philhellene, in its entire length, as well as in its verticals.
  • Syngrou St., in the section between Ath. Diakou St. and Vass. Olga St. and in both (2) traffic flows.
  • Patision (October 28), in the section between L. Alexandra and El. Venizelos (University) and in both (2) traffic flows, as well as in the perpendiculars up to the first parallel street.
  • Sofía Avenue, in the section between Konnou Avenue and Amalia Avenue, traffic flow towards Pl. Syntagma as well as in its diagonals up to the first parallel street.

Depending on the prevailing traffic conditions, the time intervals of the above traffic regulations may be extended or reduced beyond the specified hours, as well as not apply.

ELAS calls on drivers for a better service and to avoid additional traffic problems, to avoid the passage of their vehicles through the aforementioned roads during the indicated time intervals and to follow the signals and instructions of the traffic controllers.


In Thessaloniki, the meetings prior to May Day have been set at 10:30 in the morning, at the following points:

  • Contribution of Tsimiski – Aristotelous: Unions of the Commerce, Restaurants, Tourism and Services sectors.
  • Athos Square: Unions of the Construction, Transport, Food, Chemical Industry, Energy and other private sector unions.
  • Karolou Dill and Ermou: Unions in the field of Information Technology and Telecommunications.
  • Agia Sophia Square: Unions in the fields of Health, teachers, State, Student Unions.

How will MMM move in Thessaloniki?

The city buses of the Thessaloniki Urban Transport Organization will operate with security personnel, as a result of the participation of OASTH workers in the 24-hour strike announced by GSEE and EKTH.

As reported by the OASTH in its statement, the itineraries of the vehicles specially prepared for the service of People with Disabilities will operate normally, as well as the N1 night line, which runs the KTEL – Night Airport route.

Strike meetings in the rest of Greece

So far, the strike demonstrations for May Day have been announced as follows:

  • Piraeus, 11:00, Pasalimani
  • Patras, 10:30, Labor Center
  • Agrinio, 11:00, central square
  • Alexandroupoli, 10:30, town hall
  • Amfissa, 11:00, People’s Square
  • Volos, 10:30, University Square
  • Elefsina, 10:30, Ironon Polytechneiou and Nikolaidou
  • Zakynthos, 10:00, Agios Markos Square
  • Igoumenitsa, 11:00, Town Hall Square
  • Heraklion, 10:00, Eleftherias Square
  • Thassos, 10:30, Heroes’ Square, Limenas
  • Ikaria, 12:00, Agios Kirikos Square
  • Kavala, 10:30, central square
  • Kalamata, 10:00, central square
  • Karditsa, 11:00, central square
  • Kefalonia, 10:00, central square of Argostoli
  • Corinth, 11:00, Perivolakia
  • Kos, 11:00, Eleftherias Square
  • Lamia, 10:00, park square
  • Larissa, 10:30, central square
  • Mytilini, 11:00, central square
  • Naoussa, 10:00, central square
  • Nafplio, 11:00, Kapodistria square
  • Samos, 10:00, Labor Center, Vathi
  • Trikala, 10:00, Riga Feraiu Square
  • Chalkida, 10.30 am, Labor Center
  • Chania, 10:00, Municipal Market Square

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