Meet the Breitling All-Star Squad: Chloe Kim

Although she grew up near the beach in sunny Southern California, Chloe Kim was always destined for the top of the mountain. A snowboarding sensation from the moment she hit the slopes, Chloe began competing for the United States internationally as a teenager and, at 17, became the youngest woman to win gold in the halfpipe when she He made his US debut in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Four years later, she Chloe did it again, winning another halfpipe gold medal in Beijing, China, as she rose to superstar status.

With a global audience, Chloe has used her platform to advocate for social causes near and dear to her, inspiring countless fans with her powerful voice and maturing into an icon for young athletes everywhere.

Q: Talk about your partnership with Breitling.

Chloe: I’ve been with Breitling for a few years now and it’s been an amazing partnership and I’m so grateful for that. It’s pretty crazy how they can get their athletes together and put together these teams, and I love it. And of course, love Breitling watches – my family is also very enthusiastic about them. My parents love watches – my father’s first gift to my mother was a watch, and I feel like that has always been very important to us in our family – everyone should have a good watch. So now that I’m with Breitling, my whole family is decked out in Breitling watches going out to dinner! [laughs] A pretty cool sight to see.

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