Metaverse Ethics and AI Text Detection

We desperately need ways to differentiate between human and AI-written text to counter potential misuses of the technology, and researchers are developing tools to do just that. But the rapid speed of AI development means we’re constantly trying to catch up. Read the full story.

—Melissa Heikkila

The must reads

I’ve scoured the internet to find today’s funniest/important/scary/fascinating stories about technology.

1 Twitter users have voted to remove Elon Musk in a poll
Whether Musk really delivers on his results remains to be seen. (FT$)
+ Twitter has banned links to rival social networking sites. (The edge)
+ The journalists’ accounts were banned and reinstated over a chaotic weekend. (NYT$)
+ What Musk wants from the writers he has entrusted with the Twitter files. (Slate $)
+ We are witnessing the brain death of Twitter. (MIT Technology Review)

2 Sam Bankman-Fried should appear in court in the Bahamas today
The FTX founder is expected to agree to extradition to the US to face fraud charges. (WP$)
+ Crypto evangelists in Puerto Rico are doubling. (The Guardian)
+ However, investors in the US are throwing in the towel. (WSJ$)

3 Russian drones target Kyiv’s power grid
It is the third Moscow attack on the city in less than a week. (Reuters)
+ Ukrainian developers are using sophisticated software to predict enemy troop movements. (The Guardian)

4 Digital mental health services are failing vulnerable users
Some LGBTQ+ users say they were assigned unsympathetic therapists. (WSJ$)

5 A teenage YouTuber is at the center of a child labor lawsuit
It is highlighting how unregulated social media is. (Los Angeles Times $)

6 Climate change-induced drought is causing a food catastrophe
Millions of people living in the Horn of Africa are among the first to suffer. (Undark Magazine)

7 Silicon Valley is pulling the plug on its elaborate holiday parties
Many companies feel that it is a bad image, given the recent layoffs in the sector. (The information $)
+ Big Tech’s legendary advantages are also disappearing. (Insider $)

8 The dream of Portugal’s digital nomads is dying
Building a remote work village does not necessarily mean said workers will show up. (Wired $)
+ Our water infrastructure needs to change. (MIT Technology Review)

9 Instagram Notes is a reminder of the golden age of instant messaging
For millennials raised on AIM, the nostalgia is overwhelming. (WSJ$)

10 How Embroidery Inspired The First Computer Program
Ada Lovelace was a pioneer in algorithms. (Reverse)

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