New complaints about Erdogan and his “court” for millionaire bribes

By | May 7, 2023

At the best moment for the opposition, Ali Yesildag’s allegations about gross corruption in Erdogan’s entourage were made public in Turkey, also implicating him. Ali Yesildag -later we will explain who he is and why his complaints have created so much noise- accused in a series of recorded accounts on video, first the president of Turkey himself of influencing the privatization of the Antalya airport in 2007 so that he would kill off Ibrahim Ceven, his friend.

Ali Yesildag

The latter made a takeover bid with 3 billion dollars, but there was another businessman who offered 5 billion! So instead of winning the tender with the highest bid, there was a forgery with the documents he submitted, so his bid was canceled and awarded to Erdogan’s henchman, who had bid 2 billion less. What did Erdogan gain from this? A trillion dollars, always according to the complaints!

Ali Yesildag continued in a second video (listed below), decrying the misappropriation of EU funds offered to Turkey to improve its agricultural production. Here the corruption concerns Mehdi Eker, Minister of Agriculture until 2013 (apparently in the Erdoğan governments), who in consultation with businessmen “fixed” tenders to obtain community subsidies, with inflated offers, so that they could obtain exorbitant profits. Eker, as Yesildag said, received 50% of the profits as a bribe. The community fund thus distributed reaches 3,500 million dollars. After Eker left, Erdogan and his cronies continued the corruption, at least according to Ali.

Who is he now? Ali Yesildag? he is her younger brother Zeki and hasan Yelsidar, two shadowy figures, longtime Erdogan supporters (so Mr. Ali belonged to the closed circle of the president of Turkey, who now denounces). The brothers had known Erdogan since childhood, having a common background and being their neighboring families. However, Hasan became a member of a far-right nationalist organization, with armed action, murder and robbery, in which there are many reports of his direct or indirect involvement in the 1980s. In the Turkish press, years later, reports appeared that the Hasan was Erdogan’s secret “treasurer”. laundering bribes, while also being related to Ali Agtsa, the Turk who tried to assassinate Pope John Paul II! Hasan’s adventures do not end here, as the Nordic Monitor describes him as an “elite” representative of the Turkish state, with connections to far-right terrorist organizations, smuggling, etc. Hasan fled for a few years to Switzerland, but was imprisoned. there for the drugs.

The Yesildag brothers have been accused of many more, kidnapping for ransom, connection to the Susurluk scandal, namely the revelation that there was collaboration between Turkish mobsters with the Gray Wolves organization and the Police.

What was the fate of the brothers after many years of service to Erdogan, including providing him with “protection” in prison in 1998, when he was mayor of Istanbul and had been jailed for a short time, as an Islamist? Zeki Yesildag, the middle brother with the “cleanest” image, bought the Turk Medya journalistic group, from another “chosen” of Erdogan! The group was and still is a supporter of the Turkish President, and has the Star TV channel, the Aksam newspaper, 2 smaller TV channels, 2 radio stations and several isotopes.

The younger brother, Ali, who for reasons unknown is now coming out and suing the “boss” of the family, Erdogan, has said that it will publish 5 more videos with other revelations, until May 14, the day of the elections in Turkey. However, what he has said so far has already been exploited by the opposition in Turkey, which is calling on Erdogan to respond and launch investigations.

However, it is not the first time in recent years that Erdogan’s older “colleagues” have come forward and made unbelievable accusations about money laundering, corruption, underground circles, nepotism and abuse of power surrounding the Turkish president. The evidence they offer is difficult to cross check as the Turkish authorities show no relevant “will”, but they add to many similar allegations by opposition parties, international organizations and journalists, who describe a “sick Turkey” in terms of its functioning. democratic, with power emanating from Erdogan and his court, while the “friends” collect state contracts, subsidies, aid, offers of money, public relations and support for the “Sultan”.

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